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With love and color, light and sound. . . and soul,


The Short Films
Erin Reese, Travel and Soul Writer

Turn up the volume - you need sound to enjoy the show!

1. Wanderlust am Bundestag:
 The German Federal Parliament - a Top Ten Berlin favorite of Travel and Soul Writer, Erin Reese. With panoramic views of Berlin from the roof terrace. The past meets the future through the transparent open dome cupola designed by renowned architect Lord Norman Foster.

2. A Sun Salutation a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
(December 2009) I can't contain my love and joy for the gift of yoga... I simply must share! Here is a hatha flow demonstration of the simple Surya Namaskar. It is my belief that if we can simply come to the mat for just one Sun Salutation a day, most all our ills will fall away. Namaste.

3. Love Letter to Bombay
(2009) With infinite gratitude to the magic of Mumbai and my beloved advaita guru, Ramesh S. Balsekar... Bombay is a city that transformed me with its heat, beat, and heart.

4. Last Dance with Mumbai Meri Jaan
(May 2010) Farewell postcard from the Indian city that nourishes me straight to the heart...

5. Life on Puri Beach
(January 2009) It's the Wild East, in your face! And this is the first home-movie that started the trend for Erin Reese, Travel and Soul Writer! Puri, Orissa is the biggest fishing community on the east coast of India. Watch the village come to life with these scenes from

6. Erin Reese, Tarot by Skype
(July 2010) A short intro video on my new Tarot by Skype readings!