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Full Moon Astro-Tarot Forecast - October 18, 2013

 Dear friends:

Once again, I’ve been guided to present a Full Moon Astro-Tarot forecast for all 12 signs! Friday, October 18, 2013 at 4:37 p.m. Pacific, we have a Full Moon lunar eclipse in the cardinal fire sign of Aries.

The cosmic energy of late is revved up and ready or not, we gotta get a move on with our lives. So much is happening with our personal projects and relationships it can feel overwhelming. The only possible way to ‘handle’ this Full Moon in Aries eclipse energy is from moment to moment, moment to moment. Otherwise, we’ll get thrown off kilter, burn out, and collapse.

Imagine that you are a Zen-minded martial artist, practicing tai chi, chi-gong or aikido. Aries rules the planet Mars, and the martial arts. We don’t always need to physically or verbally fight to get our way. Learn to work with the chi, or universal energy, and save your strength to make your move at the exact right time.

I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire
‘Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar.
~ Katy Perry, “Roar”

While our Moon mama is in the ‘me-first’ sign of Aries, the Sun is finishing his sojourn in relationship-oriented Libra. Our social lives, learning curves, and communication activities are peaking and asking for attention. Mercury is about to go retrograde, so snags and misunderstandings are to be expected. Roll with it. It’s not personal. Have fun handling the curveballs. “Slow down, Life!” we plead, but at the Aries Full Moon, there’s no letting up. We can only add fuel to the already-blazing fire and attempt to stay focused, from moment to moment, handling whatever life is throwing at us. It's as if we’re playing tennis with Steffi Graf or Andre Agassi and the most we can do is keep our eye on the ball and do our best.

These days, with unpredictable Uranus also zipping through fiery Aries, surprises are the norm. Aren’t they? We’re being forced to get used to it, or wallow and whine in the fact that we are not the ones in control of our lives. Accept that ‘accidents’ are the universe’s way of getting our attention. Things won’t seem so accidental anymore… it all fits together.

Meanwhile, the ongoing Pluto-Uranus square is forcing us to evolve within and without. (For serious astro-buffs, check out my friend and co-astrologer Jessica Shepherd’s workbook here: “Working with theUranus-Pluto Square in Your Birth Chart.”) I believe that the Pluto-Uranus square is specifically stimulating the Kundalini life force in our bodies and beings. Aries is the “I Am” principle and the first thrust of Existence, the root chakra, where the Kundalini is based. We are not immune to evolution – we are evolution itself. Our Kundalini may be needing assistance to flow and express; otherwise, illness, disorientation, or major anxiety or depression can result. Practice moving around more, get up and stand up and bounce and shake in order to allow this vital energy to circulate freely through the body and purify the chakras. Kundalini energy is important to be aware of during this time of amped-up evolution.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at how this potent Aries Full Moon lunar eclipse is affecting YOU!

After purifying the Osho Zen Tarot deck and calling upon my guides and the Goddess, here are my channeled messages:

Tip: be sure to read for your Moon and Rising Sign, too!

Erin’s Astro-Tarot channeled messages at this Full Moon in Aries, October 18, 2013:

UNIVERSAL CARD (for everyone):

No fighting or arguing with yourself or another is necessary! The Full Moon in Aries does not need to be volatile. The lesson is to anticipate the signs of frustration in Self and Other. Like a peaceful warrior or a Tai Chi practitioner, become a master of the sacred, internal martial arts. Diffuse and defuse the explosiveness within and without by observing the sensations and energy flows in your own being. The situation will deescalate automatically. Practice.

Let yourself go whole hog during this amped up energy of the lunar eclipse, Ram. Indulge and enjoy your own power. Pound your chest and put your strength to good use. Treat yourself like the king or queen, warrior or courageous sage that you are. It is your time to shine.

I’m so sorry to have to tell you this, trusty Taurus, but you need to let your wealth and gifts flow more freely. Trust that you will always be provided for. Share and give away more of what you have. It will return tenfold.
Frankie say “R-E-L-A-X,” Gemini. You can chill out a bit in between activities. I know you have a million and one things to do – you always have tons on your plate. Let your heart open a bit and let go, let it flow. The Sun is in Libra at the Full Moon, falling in your Fifth House of love affairs and play. Let there be love.
Cancer, you should be ‘getting’ down’ with joy in your heart while jovial Uncle Jupiter continues to groove through your sign! Splish splash, dance barefoot, and celebrate your good graces. You have loads to be grateful for.
Are you feeling like you need or want to be seen more, dear Leo? Allow yourself to be exposed, risk vulnerability, even ‘failure’ by opening yourself up to be seen. No use complaining that people aren’t recognizing you if you don’t step out there. We don’t want you to feel unacknowledged!

You’re feeling the benefits of all your efforting, Virgo. You have been doing the hard work of the hygienist of the Zodiac, always cleaning up and improving your life and that of those you love. Have you been able to step back and enjoy the fruits of your labors? It’s time. Don’t forget to relish and relax in your rewards.
Trust yourself, Libra. You are being guided every single moment. You are the most indecisive sign of the Zodiac. We know that you are only trying to keep things in harmony. But when you get stuck, ask your guardian angels or guides or mentors for help, then flip a coin if you have to. You cannot make a wrong decision. You are being looked after.
Don’t get stuck in your intense thoughts, worries, or obsessions. Remember: you are the Scorpio Eagle and like a phoenix, you need to rise again. You are meant to purify the mind and the body regularly. Don’t ruminate over things and toxify yourself. Let it go. Forgive and forget, move on and clean house. Your mind needs to be crystal clear so you can soar.

Uh-oh. Have you been taking on too much, Sag? You of all signs need to take a well-deserved break at times. You need rambunctious play and frolic. If you’re trying to juggle too much of late, let a few balls drop. Laugh at the folly, and relax.

You are a master of gardening and tending the daily needs of existence, Cap. We’ve got a lot to learn from you, O Landscaper of Life. Your practical wisdom is commendable. Take it easy and continue to enjoy the basics of the everyday world.
However the winds of Change are blowing across your Milky Way, Water Bearer, you must know that you are not in control of what is big and moving through your Life right now. You are in a karmic phase of shift and it’s a whole new life chapter on the way. You knew it was coming, and it’s here. Enjoy the ride and the good fortune being served up on a platter.

You are a completely open divine vessel. Allow yourself to receive the bounty of Awareness and Peace. Allowing and Visioning are your tools. You are a clear channel, Pisces. Be pure and know that you are enough, simply by existing. You have absolute trust and faith. Embody this and you shall teach us by example.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Clearing Creative Blocks

The Constellation
Last weekend, I experienced a remote constellation clearing session with Barbara Eggenberger of Innate Movements of the Soul. Family constellations plunge into the roots of your history and clear past traumas in your lineage.

Constellation facilitators can also clear specific issues from your present. The constellation counselor moves between standing in the position of each person, or element, emotion, or concept, and facilitates the release of blocked energy. I asked Barbara to focus on removal of the writer’s block in the way of completing my second book.

Barbara called me after the session to explain how the showdown occurred between “Erin” and “The Book.” This face-off between me and my creative baby involved release of a flurry, a tirade and a final healing expansion of the Kundalini energy uncoiling and expanding. The Kundalini shakti flowed, finally, into ever-expanding Spaciousness that went on and on and on, explained Barbara, and then the same flowed out through The Book.

Gateway to India: The Fence Post
Toward the end of the constellation clearing, the energies of Erin and The Book were both entranced in focusing on a single fence post outside Barbara’s window while she stood on the spots representing the two of us. We were enraptured in The Ordinary. We both had exquisite, perfect reverence for a plain, ordinary fence post. Though this post was, at first glance, like all the other fence posts, this particular one was standing out magnificently.

After this long communion of Oneness with the fence post, Erin and The Book went into a rapture of deep, solemn peace and joy for sheer existence. After all the fear and rage and ‘shoulds’ and ‘ought tos’ had been released from the roots, only pure bliss remained.
I reflected later on the meaning of the fence post: why would Erin and The Book be so entranced by a fence?

A fence post can be part of a gate. I realized that my sequel in progress (Bindi Girl II: Surrendering to the Soul of India) is a gateway book, a middle child of a trilogy. BG 2 is a stopping point, a pause and preparation for the third and final book. It is an opening into vast inner – and outer – realms. BG 2 is a stepping stone to BG 3, which will be a compilation of short stories and teachings of spiritual mastery and travel.

Horse Sense: Patience

Digging deeper, I noodled around a bit on the Internet to look for any spiritual teachings on fence posts. I like the symbolism of patience, which I found in Zen Mind, Zen Horse: The Science and Spirituality of Working with Horses, a spiritual horse whisperer series which you can view on YouTube:

We use the symbol of the fence post as one of perfect patience. When the horse pulls back and resists, the fence post exerts equal pressure. When the horse yields, the fence post yields with impeccable timing. Learning from the example of the fence post, we can see that patience, pressure and impeccable release produce astounding results with our horse.

(If you’re a horse lover, Zen lover, or in need of Patience Wisdom, give a quick listen to the 3 minute YouTube lesson from Zen Mind, Zen Horse here.)

And so, with "patience, pressure, and impeccable release," work on my second book continues.

Hi-Yo Silver, Away!

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New Moon Astro-Tarot Forecast: October 4, 2013

Erin Reese’s Astro-Tarot New Moon Forecast
October 4, 2013
Together, We Are Free!

Yesterday, October 4, 2013 we had the New Moon in Libra. Oh, lovely Libra, full of grace. One would think this New Moon would herald harmony, balance, and birdsong. Well… it’s not quite like that, at least in the way we would first think. Let’s explore…

Luna the Moon and Sol the Sun are mating in a conjunction at the New Moon - they start something fresh. They’re dancing together in the starry sheets in Libra. This time, they are in square to Pluto in Capricorn, opposing Uranus in Aries, and square Jupiter and dark Moon Lilith in Cancer to make for a Cardinal Grand Cross. This forces us to come to attention. We are not immune to the outer planets’ evolutionary pull. The government shutdown this past week is a prime example. Can we rely on old forms and the patriarchy to look after ‘we the people’? Not always, and at what price do we willingly give away our power and our minds to the ‘authority’? Hmm… sounds like a 1960’s call to revolution, doesn’t it?

Rebellious Uranus in fightin’ Aries opposite this Libra New Moon is challenging all of our beliefs concerning “we’re in this together.” Are we? Can we agree to disagree? Who is going to win this showdown? All one-on-one relationships are up for examination, whether that be with your spouse, your boss, your therapist, your bank, your insurance provider or your government agent. My feeling is that it is time to revise and upgrade ALL our contracts, written and unwritten to reflect a real independence of thought and spirit.

WHO IS THE AUTHORITY in this relationship? It is YOU.

And him. And her.

And you.

Until we get the fact that there is no Central Locus of Authority, ultimately (because each of us has our unique needs, experiences, and innate wisdom) we’re gonna be at war with each other, or worse, within our own selves.

Be the you for you and let the other have their truth, too. If need be, agree to disagree. Yeah, it’s “Live and Let Live” time, but take the slogan a little deeper now: If someone is trying to impose their B.S. (belief system) on your head, body, soul or self, you won’t be able to tolerate it anymore. If we have to fight to exist in our individuality – our well lived and well earned truth – then fight we will. To get to this truth it is up to each of us to look within, honestly peering with searing clarity, deep within our OWN SELF – not on Facebook or TV – to see what we believe. And then make a stand for it. What have you truly - at the end of the day – got to lose for standing up for your own self?

Let this New Moon in Libra be a refresher course in agreeing to disagree, harmoniously. If we can all do that, perhaps we really will get along. It’s when we wimp out, people please and doubt our own truth, that confusion results and things get murky, messy and collapse into non-productive argumentation. If someone can’t agree to disagree and let you have your own truth, perhaps it’s best to walk away.

Live and Let Live, Love and Let Love.

Here are my channeled Astro-Tarot Forecasts for the New Moon cycle of October 4, 2013, using my trusty tried ‘n true Universal Waite deck. Be sure to read for your Moon, Sun and Rising Sign. For personal astrology or tarot readings, contact me directly.

King of Cups
King of Cups is the Cancer card so let us not forget that at this time of the Cardinal Grand Cross, we have the support of Jupiter in Cancer, showering us with BOUNTY. Jupiter in Cancer says we can have riches and real wealth by bonding with our dearest family members (actual or created). True family can also be in community, or a sangha – a spiritual community of truth. Remember too that during times of strife, our home needs to be a refuge from turbulence. It is sacred space. Make it so.

Nine of Swords plus bonus card Queen of Wands
When you are in your power, Aries, you stop worrying so much about what others think of your intense nature. Be, unapologetically, the fiery leader you were born to be. We need you. Speak up as gently as possible, but firmly, and remember that what others think of you is none of your business.

Nine of Cups
Make a wish, Taurus, and let it come to fruition. You can have it all. You are the sign of luxury. Make a statement of what you need/want at this time and let it appear, like Aladdin summoning the genie in the lamp. Beware that Mercury is retrograde soon so don’t buy a new car or electronics until after November 10.

Eight of Cups
Learn to walk away from people, places, and situations – and beliefs – that are no longer serving you. Just because you like to talk you don’t have to stick around, Gemini. Move on to greener pastures and go talk to the trees if you have to. But don’t let your brilliant mind be cluttered with concepts and ideas that are outdated. Ride like the wind.

Two of Pentacles
Go play, Crab! With Jupiter in your sign now, you deserve to have some self-indulgence. We still have good weather in most parts of the globe so get out there. You tend to take on too much sometimes, and you’re so sensitive, so go to the beach or ride a bike or fly a kite. Smile, Cancer. Your life is happening.

You can expect big lessons this month, Leo, regarding a new contract or agreement on offer. If it’s on the table, examine it super carefully. Because of Mercury Retrograde, you must wait to sign or use extra careful consideration, unless you’re OK with a temporary agreement, or if it’s with a person or situation from the past. Read the fine print.

King of Swords
Discernment is necessary, Virgo. You don’t always have to use your super sharp mind to do the heavy lifting yourself. You can offer the job to others. Learn to delegate. That’s part of being (often) the smartest person in the room. Cut the debris out from your own mind. You don’t need all that junk in there. Unload.

Ten of Cups
Yeehaw! While the rest of the world might seem like it’s going to hell in a hand basket, you, Libra, are October’s darling. Happy Birthday to you. Have a party or a soiree with your closest friends or a few family members. Nothing lavish is necessary. You tend to be a bit in your head so be sure to get outside, smell the flowers and sniff the pine trees. Dance!

Five of Pentacles
You tend to be burdened by the depths and intensity of your feelings, Scorp. Sometimes you can be so fixed in your emotions that you have a hard time letting go or embracing the new. Your inner light needs to shine, so tend to your heart’s hearth. Consider embracing a new spiritual home or contemplative practice to lighten your spirit this month.

Eight of Wands
Soar like the fiery spirit you are, dear Archer! Stop over-analyzing and just get going with your vision, finally! It’s moving! Do whatever it is that you’ve been wanting to do, whether that’s climbing a mountain or making a career jump. Do it FAST. October is the month to move on it!

Six of Swords
Capricorn, your life changes of late can feel slow but they ARE occurring. You are earthy and sometimes that takes a long time to move. You can notice microscopic movements in your mind and body and the transformation is happening. You’re not totally shifted into the next phase of being, but you’re on your way. Keep trudging. You’re moving in the right direction!

Ace of Pentacles
Ka-ching! That’s the sound of prosperity. You’re going to have a new work or business opportunity fall in your lap this month and it proves to be profitable. Sometimes it’s actual money and sometimes it is a different sort of resource or reward. While payment may not be immediate, you can expect the fruits to occur by December’s end. You will soon get a nudge as to exactly what that is. A gift from the Universe is en route.

Ace of Wands
Fire to the Fish right now! You could feel much more motivated than usual, and busy! And not nearly as mellow and float-y as you like to be. You’re inspired creatively and feel purposeful. Roll with it, Pisces. It’s a great month to let your spirit self express and experience a rebirth of your passions and art. You can trust your inner flame. Burn bright!

On the SF Bay at the New Moon

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