Friday, March 30, 2018

Full Moon in Libra: Lasting Peace in Relationship

Tomorrow, we have a Full Moon in the relationship-oriented sign of Libra. It is a time of renewing the contracts that we hold between self and other. Such ‘contracts’ are agreements, spoken or unspoken, conscious or unconscious. We are catapulted into a new perspective in our core relationships.

With the Sun in Aries talking directly to his Moon in Libra mate across the heavens, there is bound to be a pull toward independence wherever one feels inhibited. In his solar showdown with the partner-oriented sign of the Scales, the Ram goes for exactly what he needs for freedom and will assert him/herself to get it. In renewing our contracts, we will have to accept that - in daily living, we win some, we lose some. In this relationship, there are three: You, Me, and We. 

Venus-ruled Libra, sign of “We Are,” naturally urges us toward more harmony and balance in our interactions. But in order to have peace, love, and understanding with our partners, friends, co-workers or family members, we must first realize congruence in our relationship with the Self.

The Sun shines brightly now in Aries, sign of the “I Am” principle, over this weekend of rebirth. The celebrations of Passover and Easter honor divine resurrection, compassion, and unconditional acceptance aka love. How do we honor the Sun rising strong, the ‘I Am’ factor in ultimate glory, while maintaining Libran poise, grace, and balance?

Resonant harmony with the other person is icing on the cake, but the real sustenance is found within. We rest in What Is. There can be no lasting peace found by seeking it in the behavior and personality of an Other; it is realized as a unified relationship with our own Existence, the Ground of Being, seated in the Self.
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