Friday, September 6, 2019

Virgo Season: Hard at Work or Hardly Working?

The Virgin, Gustav Klimt - 1913

Last week, we welcomed a New Moon in the mutable, discriminating earth sign of Virgo. Lady Luna and her mate, the Sun, were joined by a cavalcade of accompanying planets, all in Virgo: Mercury (communication, learning, travel), Venus (love, relationships, arts), Mars (action, drive, passion), and the asteroid Juno (marriage and creative partnerships).

With such a large bevy of luminaries working diligently together in the cosmic conference room, one specific area of life is demanding cohesion, congruence, and clarity. No longer can we get away with pretending we don’t know the next right action – or non-action, as the case may be. The Universe has made it blaringly clear what needs to happen next in our consciousness. And, She is giving us the tools and fortitude to see it through.

Virgo embodies the German word fleißige (“hard-working, industrious”).  It’s no surprise that Virgo season is typically “Back to School” time around the world. Kids of all ages return to their education, whether in an actual classroom or by gearing up for a new work cycle after the Labor Day holidays.

Ruled by information-savvy, rational Mercury, Virgo energy brings us into alignment with the practical, discerning mind. Unlike info-hungry air sign Gemini, also Mercury-ruled, earthy Virgo carefully filters input, deriving the most pertinent points. Virgo then rolls up its sleeve and takes the organized data into the world to get down to business in a useful, formative manner.

And that’s what we’re asked to do now: look at the details of our lives, take stock, get down to business. Where are we being called to be of service in a hands-on fashion? Where do we need to go back to work, or back to school as the case may be? Where and how do we need to get organized?

We can establish good foundations and systems in our lives right now, preparing for the Harvest Moon on September 14, in dreamy, boundless Pisces. Sound structures in our lives enable us to trust the flow. With effective and tested systems, we will be able to make good use of the imagination and expansiveness sure to come during the Full Moon in Pisces. Maybe you need to get your calendaring up to date, your software installed, your proposals outlined, your tool shed de-cluttered, your kitchen cupboards organized. You’re going to want to do it before mid-September, making best use of the New Moon and her parade of planetary paramours also passing through Virgin territory.

At this time of New Moon in Virgo, remember: long-term planning and projects are favored, along with attention to detail, tempered and effective action, and patience. Hard work will be asked of you, but there is a guaranteed payout at the end of the road. You can achieve anything right now, so long as you apply the Virgo discriminating mind to it! Have fortitude and confidence that your ambition and dedication will enable to you to successfully launch a completely new chapter in your life, leaving a legacy that is uniquely yours.

One caveat for those of you who tend toward workaholism: everything stated above does not apply, UNLESS it means organizing your life so that you don’t have to lift a finger for a few hours, days, weeks. Your work is to use the smarts of Virgo to know when to STOP, put yourself on hiatus, and REST. This is applied wisdom – knowing when to let off the gas and coast. Use your Virgoan powers of viveka (Sanskrit for discernment and the discriminating mind); you will know which category you’re in.

Erin Reese, M.S. is a non-dual spiritual teacher, author, and intuitive consultant based in the SF Bay Area. Erin is deeply rooted in the the Divine Feminine and a channel of Kundalini. She spent many years studying yoga and non-dual philosophies in India, receiving transmission from masters and sacred sites. Erin works online with clients all over the world.

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