Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Venus enters Scorpio: The "V" Word is Vulnerability

Today, Venus entered the sign of Scorpio, sign of transformation, power, death, and intimacy. The goddess-planet of relationship, romance, art, finance, and pleasure will remain in the sign of the serpent-eagle-scorpion throughout the rest of October. We are asked to deepen in intimacy toward ourselves and others. This means that uncomfortable conversations might be the norm.

Remember that vulnerability yields intimacy. A lot of folks wonder about vulnerability. It is the “V” word.

“Isn’t ‘vulnerability’ a bad thing? Doesn’t it mean that I can get hurt?”
“Why would I want to show someone my soft spots, my weaknesses?”

These are questions that naturally arise. True, there are times in relationships when we want to be more superficial, protective, and reserved. But eventually, Life Itself draws us in deeper, in order to grow and to heal. If we want to truly be seen, we have to REVEAL ourselves

When Venus enters Scorpio, get ready for a Truth-telling adventure. There are two sides to this coin. On one hand, apropos of Halloween’s month, there are bound to be things that go bump in the night. Telling the truth can be scary! Skeletons may fall out of the closet. We may accidentally bruise someone’s ego in the process of exposing our deepest heart’s desires or feelings. We have to face our fears of rejection and abandonment, requiring courage. 

On the other hand, there is a gift, a golden treasure chest, hidden in the wings of Scorpio’s serpent eagle, the Phoenix rising from the ashes. This gift is INTIMACY, which leads to passion, fulfillment, and tremendous trust in self and other. If we can breathe and hold ourselves, and our inner child, tightly, we have the courage to say, “Hey, this doesn’t work for me at all!” or, “I want you, I love you, I need you!” or “I am in pain!” or “THIS is how I really feel!” We have the guts, the chutzpah, to speak up and out, clear and strong.

Scorpio - Eagle and Serpent by
Practice. You may need to reveal yourself to your partner, your child, your parent, your best friend. But you may also need to practice vulnerability and truth-telling with your therapist, your doctor, your boss, your greater community. Sometimes, speaking up to authority figures (those recognized as such in our society, regardless of whether they have earned said notoriety on an embodied-wisdom level) is even more potent, and can yield even bigger returns.

Whether or not the other person receives your truth-telling, vulnerable exposure is the most important thing. Remember, you are protected by the Divine, by your inner parent, your inner warrior, and your Truth. Ideally, they will hear you, drop in deeper with you, and stay very present with you when you’re sharing your heart. Yet, sometimes we get flack, or even gaslighting, or defensiveness in return. If that happens, stay present – vulnerable and awake – to your SELF. In such moments when the other person rejects our truth, or shames us, they are in fact revealing something about themselves right then and there as well! They are showing you their own fear by needing to control or squelch your spirit. We can have compassion, yes, but first priority is taking care of your own heart, body-mind, and soul by affirming your own truth to your own self.

When Venus enters Scorpio, we are given the sometimes uncomfortable opportunity to heal hidden traumas within our bodies, psyches, societies. We are asked to not shun the secret parts of ourselves, our partners, our collective consciousness. Remember: there is gold in the shadows. We only need to be willing to face everything. 

Not much to ask, right? Just… everything.

Therein lies true power. And true power does not turn away from the truth, which sets us free.
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