Erin offers in-depth astrological, tarot, and spiritual counseling sessions via phone, Skype or email.

Current offerings:

Tarot and Intuitive Guidance/Healing:

Intuitive guidance using the mystical method of card divination and psychic ability. I will give you an overview of what's moving through your life, as well as give you clear answers to specific questions according to what your Soul is nudging you toward. I use the traditional 78-card Universal Waite deck.
Price: US$125.00 one hour, US$75.00 half hour via telephone or Skype video

Tarot via email: US$100.00 in-depth questions; US$50.00 per single query (specific question, response within 24 hrs),

Ongoing Soul Guidance/Spiritual Counseling: 

Regular phone or Skype consultation using the combined tools of spiritual guidance, tarot and astrology. Together we access your Soul's guidance and expressing the Self from a deeply connected, centered place ('the Ground of Being.'). This work can be as spiritual or practical as is needed. Topics can include awakening, healing from trauma, career and work, love and relationship, life purpose, etc.
Price: US$350 includes four one-hour sessions (paid in two installments or all at once); US$200 includes two one-hour sessions; US$125 single session.

Astrological Readings:

"What am I here for? Where am I headed next?" If you're interested in a key area of life, or have to make a major decision, I can focus on timing and give you guidance and support that is in harmony with the cosmos.
YOUR CHOICE: 1. You and Your Birth Chart, 2. Critical Timing (Upcoming Transits), or 3. Relationship Analysis (requires other person's birth data as well!)
Price: US$250.00, includes completely personalized full analysis and 1.5-hr Skype or phone consultation (allow 2-3 business days).
OR choose deluxe 10-20 page custom written report, full color keepsake report - US$350.00 (allow 7-10 business days)
Follow-up sessions over next 12 months: $100.00 full hour.

With a wealth of modern expertise in the ancient arts of Astrology and the Tarot, Erin Reese is an intuitive consultant uniquely positioned to answer your questions in-person, or via phone or email…  

Erin has over twenty years of experience in the intuitive arts: she began reading the tarot at the age of 18, learning the skill from a psychic aunt. At the age of 21, she asked for – and received – an advanced astrology textbook from her mother as a university graduation gift. Erin dove head-first into charting and artistic practice of astrology, found she had both the innate intuitive gift and technical talent – and has never looked back...

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Watch this NEW live clip to see Erin Reese, Intuitive Consultant giving a Tarot reading via Skype.

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Erin Reese is a former producer, writer and editor for, the world’s leading independent astrology and tarot website.

Erin's astrology articles have appeared on the Astrocenter website as well as the syndicate, MSN Astrology.

Additionally, Erin has authored the texts for the Chakra Tarot as well as the Vision Quest Tarot online readings.