Thursday, December 27, 2018

More visual love from India 🐂 and Sri Lanka!🍍

Happy holidays! Namaskar!
I hope you are feeling peaceful and rested these days. One way to avoid the stress of a mainstream American holiday season is to travel to a place where Christmas is minimally South Asia!

India has been a blessing as always. We began with an ashram stay in Rishikesh, in the North, filling our souls with the gifts of the river Ganges in her most turquoise blue season.

Next, we headed south to Tamil Nadu, visiting the sacred mountain of Shiva, circumambulating the holy hill of Arunachala 14km at Full Moon.

Finally, we spent Christmas in Tamil Nadu at a beautiful ashram uniting nonduality, cutting-edge philosophy and unconditional love.

Now, for an interlude...
I am writing from my 4-day vacation-within-travel moment, here on a peaceful beach in Sri Lanka. Good call!

We'll soon return to Ma India, topping off our visit with New Year's in my favorite megalopolis, Mumbai, where I spent a great deal of time with my Teacher before his passing.

I'll be in touch. Wishing you all an incredible New Year! Travel well, keep it light!

Pictures attached!

P. S.  I am traveling sans laptop and thus posting occasionally on Twitter is much easier! If you'd like to follow my travels through images, please follow me on Twitter here:
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Sending you all so much love from Sri Lanka and Mother India! 💖
Namaste and Hare Om
Erin 🙏
Reading Tarot in Sri Lanka

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