Friday, December 21, 2018

Want to Learn to Read Tarot? Introducing Jill Merzon!

Hello friends and readers,

Have you wanted to learn to read Tarot? From an expert?

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce Jill Merzon, Master Teacher of the Tarot!


When I myself need a clear, honest, ACCURATE reading, I always contact my soul sister Jill. I refer folks to Jill when I am on retreat. And, since I am a professional reader myself, you know that means she's EXCELLENT!

I'm writing today to personally introduce you to Jill as she is now offering one-on-one, online CLASSES in Tarot! Her classes are affordable, fun, and deep. She will tailor her style to suit your own level of experience and intuition, whether a complete beginner or a pro brushing up on your skills.

I hope you reach out to her if you're feeling called to the Tarot path!

Here is Jill's description of her courses:
Classes in Tarot with Jill Merzon

At the core, we all wish for a feeling of connection to the earth, to each other, to ourselves , and to our highest values.When we stop and listen to the voice of our higher self, it always guides us to a place of peace and true belonging.

I am now available to teach the tarot on Skype.

My course consists of 10 sessions, 1 hour per week.

The cost is $50 per class.

We will cover: 
The meanings of The Major Arcana, 22 cards
The meanings of The Minor Arcana, 56 cards
Card layouts and spreads
Clearing and grounding techniques
A greater understanding of the symbols and colors interwoven in this ancient tool!

My goal is to help my students be confident in their consultations, and trust the flow of their intuition. 

You will need:
A Rider (or Universal) Waite deck

A silk or other natural fiber scarf
Notebook and pen

About Me:

I have over 40 years of experience as a reader and teacher of the tarot. I have been on the spiritual path since 1978. I started reading the tarot on the streets of New York City. Literally, I would set up three milk crates, lay out my deck, and read pedestrians walking by. Later on, I read in supper clubs, discos, and restaurants as well as at private parties. My motto was "Have cards will travel." I have taught the tarot in New York, Germany, and The Netherlands. 
For more information, contact Jill directly:
jmerzon at

Jill reading for Erin in Europe, 2011

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