Sunday, May 12, 2019

Happy Mother's Day ~ Honoring the Divine Feminine

Happy Mother's Day!
Honoring the Divine Feminine in each of us,
Our Inner Mother, Mother Earth, Maa!

The part that heals, that part that soothes, the part that knows.
Acceptance, compassion, patience, receptivity.
Attraction, magnetism, mystery, abundance.

Those who mother children, inner and outer.
Those who care for others, near and far.
Those who have given birth to beings, to art, to creativity.

I honor the Goddess, the Divine Feminine in each of us.
Gender no bar!
I especially honor the Great Mother to those who have had strife, turbulence, lack and pain in their lives.

And the children - of all ages - all over the World,
who need Your healthy mothering, modeling, manifest presence.

I honor You, dear Mother.
Thank you.

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