Saturday, January 29, 2011

January 2011 Travel and Soul Newsletter

Namaste, friends!

With two days left in the month, I thought it'd be a fine time to send out my January newsletter!

But first - a little astro humor.

Changing the Light Bulb – Through the Signs

How many members of your horoscope sign does it take to change a light bulb?

ARIES: Just one. You want to make something of it?

TAURUS: One, but just "try" to convince them that the burned-out bulb is useless and should be thrown away.

GEMINI: Two, but the job never gets done--they just keep arguing about who is supposed to do it and how it's supposed to be done.

CANCER: Just one. But it takes a therapist three years to help them through the grief process.

LEO: Leos don't change light bulbs, although sometimes their agent will get a Virgo to do the job for them while they're out.

VIRGO: Approximately 1.0000000 with an error of +/- 1 millionth.

LIBRA: Er, two. Or maybe one. No - on second thought, make that two. Is that okay with you?

SCORPIO: That information is strictly secret and shared only with the Enlightened Ones in the Star Chamber of the Ancient Hierarchical Order.

SAGITTARIUS: The sun is shining, the day is young and we've got our whole lives ahead of us, and you're inside worrying about a stupid light bulb?

CAPRICORN: I don't waste my time with these childish jokes.

AQUARIUS: Well, you have to remember that everything is energy, so...

PISCES: Light bulb? What light bulb?

A Sun Salutation a Day

…and that’s it. Just ONE.

A single Surya Namaskar a day keeps the doctor away. And depression, sluggishness, and all kinds of pesky ailments.

Watch my "Sun Salutation a Day" YouTube video here to see an example of sun salutations in action… notice how I start with first the right foot, then the left. Then, switch: first the left foot, then the right. Both sides, evened out, forms one complete salutation.

There are myriad ways to do the sun salutation series – find the one that works best for you, memorize it, and off you go! (As a tip: it works really well to have an early morning pop-up reminder automatically come up on the email or your phone!)

On New Year’s Day, I led my first daylong silent yoga and meditation retreat at a private yoga studio in Marin. When the students came out of silence, we agreed that our hearts were opened, our minds were stilled, and our souls were deeply connected from Day One of 2011. What a gift!

Out of this daylong silent retreat, the students and I came up with the idea to commit to “A Sun Salutation a Day” every day for the entire year. Just one! Since the goal is so attainable, it’s easy enough to commit to, and keep that commitment. And the beauty is, regardless if more happens on the mat or not, you’re a success. Want to join us?

A Massively Networked Universe

Did you know that of the many offerings of the Travel and Soul Media umbrella, I also wear the hat of developmental editor? This means that I am the person who helps authors birth their book-babies! I review and advise on authors’ concepts, proposals, and manuscripts, and help midwife their book to successful print or electronic publication.

On that note, I’m excited to announce that my most recent editing project has come to fruition! Last night in San Francisco, I attended the launch party for practical visionary Pamela Lund’s new book, Massively Networked: How the convergence of social media and technology is changing your life.

In the book, Pamela takes the reader on an insight-packed modern journey not unlike a Celestine Prophecy for futurists. How are emerging technologies like augmented reality, a wired universe, and the Internet of Things influencing your body, mind, and spirit? What about the way you think about making a living? Did you know that when you imagine something, it’s simultaneously appearing in the massively networked universe? The truth is that now, more than ever, what you think matters – literally!

Author Pamela Lund is a leading social media and Internet marketing consultant with a Harvard background. Far more than that: she’s a cutting-edge visionary here to help us adjust to and make the most of this wild, colorful, technological age. I encourage you to sign up for her mailing list here to find out about speaking engagements and her book tour. You can also preorder a signed, first-edition copy with free shipping on her website here.

Happiness Happens

At a party recently, chatting with a small group, a friend of mine named me as a magician, an expert at manifesting. I see it more as allowing things to naturally appear in the maya, the material plane. I have no idea how it works, and that’s probably why it does work – there’s no personal involvement to get in the way.

Someone in the conversation asked me, “Wow, how do you do that?” I laughed and said, “I don’t know, I just hook up!” pointing to the invisible line sprouting up from my crown chakra.

I continued: “When you’re connected, you're happy. So if you don’t have something, you don’t need it anyway. The only job is to stay connected to the Source."

And happiness happens.

With love,

Erin Reese, Travel and Soul Media

P.S. I'm going out of town soon! 2011 Intuitive Readings with Erin still available on Monday, January 31. Book today! Send me an email. Details here.