Friday, September 27, 2013

The Perfect Remains

Purnamadah Purnamidam
Purnat Purnamudachyate
Purnasya Purnamadaya
Purnameva Vashishyate
Om shanti, shanti, shanti

That is perfect,
This is perfect.
When perfection is taken from the perfect,
Perfect alone remains.
Om, peace, peace, peace

~Isha Upanishad

Today is the Mahasamadhi Day of my beloved teacher and guru, Ramesh Balsekar (1917-2009).
Mahasamādhi (the great and final samādhi) is the act of consciously and intentionally leaving one's body at the time of death. ...

My teacher and guru left the body in Mumbai, India on September 27, 2009. A triple 9-9-9 day of the Great Master. I am feeling extremely close to my teacher lately, as I am transcribing material for my second book. He is with me in every way. However, the guru is no longer a separate person for me; the guru lives on, in my very heart. He has become me, and I am him. We are That.

Needless to say, the last few years since Ramesh has left the building have been incredibly exciting, personally and transpersonally. The evolution continues! As many spiritual masters have said, “Awakening is just the beginning.” That’s for darn sure. The evolution of consciousness, sans identification with the ego structure, is like Alice walkin’ through Wonderland, every day.

Two years ago, alongside my regular astro-intuitive services, I began offering one-on-one spiritual attunement sessions to those who feel drawn to my teachings. I conduct these via Skype or telephone, or in person if we’re in the same neck of the woods. I invite those individuals to work with me who are sincere spiritual seekers who know they need help at this ‘stage,’ like they’ve hit a ceiling in suffering, or try as they might (and they’ve worked so hard!) they can’t break through the attachment to the maya's (mind’s) incessant rampage.  If you’re one of those folks, you may want to schedule a session with me.

In the last month, I’ve started sitting regularly with a small group of individuals here in the San Francisco Bay Area who are dedicated to enlightenment. If a person is already awake (meaning, the attachment to the ego structure has dissolved and there’s no longer a calcified hook to the separate ‘me’ self), then they are being attuned to stabilize in their awakening.

On this super-powered Mahasamadhi day, in eternal gratitude I bow my head to the feet of my beloved teacher and guru, Ramesh Balsekar (1917-2009), as masterful sage and divine embodiment of truth. And to the Goddess, Mother of the Universe, and to Shiva, the Is-ness that is All.

We are the Source, the Self.
We Are That.

Namaste, beloveds!



In the state of self-realization,
all separation between God and the devotee disappears,
and the goal and the path become one.
All separation between the interconnected opposites disappears
and the split-mind is healed into its wholeness and holiness.
Indeed, worshipping and not worshipping,
action and non-action
lose their separateness and opposition
because all that happens
(the doing and the non-doing)
is spontaneous.
It is for this reason that the state of enlightenment
is beyond words and silence
and is described as indescribable,
and the Vedas at the end of an intense effort
confess their helplessness
in the words of Neti, Neti
(not this, not that).

~ Ramesh Balsekar

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Full Moon Astro-Tarot Forecast: September 19, 2013

Dear friends:

Once again, I’ve been guided to present a Full Moon Astro-Tarot forecast for all 12 signs! Thursday morning, September 19, at 4:13 a.m. Pacific, we have a Full Moon in the mutable water sign of Pisces.
Come a little bit closer
Hear what I have to say
Just like children sleepin'
We could dream this night away.
~ "Harvest Moon," Neil Young
The harvest moon shining ever-so-bright tonight brings in a romantic sense of fullness. This Moon asks, how can we continue working at the Virgo tasks at hand that we started so diligently this month, while at the same time basking in the glory of what we're creating, and enjoying the fruits of the harvest? We may not be able to rest entirely on our laurels quite yet, but we're certainly making progress - and hopefully having a good time doing it. We can make sure we do step back from all the Virgo busy-ness and 'doings' long enough to enjoy the emotional waves of the Pisces Moon.

Did I say "enjoy the emotional waves"? Yes, I did. The Ocean of Life may be super intense, driving us this-a-way and that-a-way, yet think about it: some people pay good money to ride roller coasters or see adventure movies just to experience those peaks and thrills and ups and downs. That's what Life is all about.

With this Pisces Full Moon, we surrender to the subconscious while simultaneously cultivating Virgo fortitude. That discipline we have to actually roll up our sleeves and face the tasks at hand will carry us through. To me, the real theme of September's Full Moon is "work hard, play hard." Stand tall with your Virgo harvest sickle and also stand tall as the shaft of wheat you are harvesting. You are BOTH the agrarian who cuts away the chaff, and the very grain itself that nourishes your own life and the Greater Good. Allow yourself to do a Pisces swan dive and simultaneously dissolve into both roles - the do-er and the be-er - at the same time.

After purifying the Voyager Tarot deck and calling upon my guides and the Goddess, here are my channeled messages:

Tip: be sure to read for your Moon and Rising Sign, too!

Erin’s Astro-Tarot channeled messages at this Full Moon in Pisces, September 19, 2013:

UNIVERSAL CARD (for everyone):
Our individual and collective visions are important. Guard your mind! Don't let anyone tell you that you are wrong for seeing, needing, wanting what you know to be true in your very heart. STAY FOCUSED on the task at hand, for you know it is right for YOU. You are the vessel, God/dess is the Power that drives you. Do whatever you need to do to open the third eye - go for a run or a walk, wear a bindi, anoint your forehead with sacred ash or oil, meditate, clear your chakras, take a bath or shower, scream and yell to open your throat, chant, pray, sleep more.

Right now, you and everyone else needs to focus on a SINGLE-MINDED PRIORITY. This will help you every time you have to make a choice, i.e. do I futz around now on email or the Internet? Or do I go to the gym, or do I get back to work even when I don't feel like it? Another thing: keep quiet more often. You need to direct and focus your mind on the tasks at hand so protect it from dullness, boredom or delusion. Stay focused on those seeds you've planted two weeks ago. You're peaking!
You might be afraid you won't get all that work done that you've set on your own plate. This fear is coming from overwhelm, stemming from your competitiveness with yourself and others. Being a real warrior or warrioress means that you can trust that, when you're in a battle or challenge, you'll instinctively know when to make your moves. Drop your fear of failure and remember that because you are Aries, you are a master of knowing when to strike. If you've still got fear, it's a sign your mind has gone astray so come back to the Universal Card, the Woman of Crystals, to help you discipline your mind. Stay alert and aware and you'll know what to do when you need to. Burn incense or sage to smoke out your fears and properly prepare for 'battle.' Do not forget that part of being a warrior is wise use of adrenaline. Feel the fear and do it anyway. You were born to, Ram, of all people.

Your 'stinking thinking' trap could be up, so be sure to see if you're stuck in sheer laziness or unwillingness to adapt or change. Try something different, Taurus. See things in a new way. Your fixedness, dear Earth Bull, is a gift when you've set your heart to something. You can work harder than most - when you want to, that is. You can build pyramids when you're inspired, but if you have a case of the "Don't Wanna's," you can be a real stick in the mud. Are you seeing obstacles every which way you look? Perhaps you are in the way. Try trusting in the flow of existence a wee bit more and let Life have its way. Trust you have the ability to say no when you need to, then you won't have to project Negative Nelly 24/7. Take your yeses and nos from moment to moment, one at a time.

Oh, la la! You needed this one: hope, inspiration, compassion and your true heart's desire. Can you FINALLY allow yourself to want what you want, Gemini? Wise wanting is a part of being human. You have those two twins inside your head playing 'good cop, bad cop,' and it can feel like you're split, always facing off with yourself. Somewhere in between the two selves lies the truth, and in there lives in your heart. Your Heart is speaking to you now, whether a whisper or a 2x4 on the head. At this full moon, you can allow the heart to penetrate your mind. You can allow sweet inspiration to move you - that is what will give you the real nourishment you seek. What is it, Gem, that you have ALWAYS wanted and not yet allowed yourself to let in? Trust it. The Universe is nudging you...


You are a cardinal sign and while you're one of the most sensitive signs of the Zodiac, you are also blessed with the super power of initiative, making you one creative powerhouse. At this Full Moon, Crabbikins, you need to go for the gold. Can you hear the Olympics theme song in your background? Queue up the theme from Rocky, "Gonna Fly Now." IT IS YOUR TIME. That goal is within reach, so raise your hand and say YES to the Universe. You are SO on the right track!


Now is the time for the Lion to get back in touch with the kid inside. Of all signs, boy o boy do you love to play. Get into make-believe and magic and imagination this Full Moon. Follow your nose. Go on a night walk. Try something totally bizarre and different out of sheer curiosity. It doesn't always have to make sense. It's part of the the process of DISCOVERY. Put your explorer's pith helmet on, go outside, and soak up the final rays of Indian summer and some Moon rays while you're at it. Let Nature breathe into your soul and inspire you. You are bringing in new ideas for autumn by trying new things for the heck of it.

You work so hard to get it right, Virgo, and when is it ever "just right" anyway? Let go of perfectionism, and control. Let go of the idea of 'perfect.' It's OK if another person takes the lead from time to time. They may not do it exactly right, they may not do it the most efficient Virgo way, but you need to let others in. You can learn that it's OK to make mistakes. You're lovable and perfect EXACTLY as you are. How can you know if you're trusting enough? With you, it's whether you are feeling anxious. If your mind is chattering, or you're not sleeping well, your head is pounding and the tapes are rolling in your head and messing with peace of mind, you can see that you need to trust. Everything is gonna be fine and it's perfect exactly as it is. Your skill and discernment are super important to us all, dear Virgo, but learn to see the point of diminishing returns. When you hit the stress point, you know your efficiency obsession has gone too far.

Grace and harmony are your forte, Libra love. But there's a let-go point for you, too: when it's no longer about 'teamwork,' or "me and you," but rather when your collaboration efforts move into a higher plane and your efforts move to a beyond-the-beyond vibration. At this point, the whole project or relationship flows and works seemingly by itself. You've done your part, Libra, over the past month. Now the wheels are spinning and humming nicely. All the people and elements in the field are purring and it's like a well-oiled machine. Because of your grace and diplomacy, the whole is supporting itself and you can finally relax and enjoy!


Move it out, Scorp. You know, that thing that's in your way! That thorn in your side that keeps you bound, held up in knots. We love you dearly for your Phoenix-rising-from-the-ashes capability, rebirthing your self again and again. Now you are in that same place. The light of the Full Moon is shining on you, revealing the blocks in your creativity and self-expression holding you back. Now is the time to 'fess up: what person, institution, belief, or bond is keeping you from soaring? The flip side is, if you are bound and conscious of it, you can use this time to stay super focused, intensely, on the task at hand, for example, like a monk or nun in a meditation cell. Be clear with yourself: is this oppression serving your highest vision now, or not? 

"FINALLY!" you say. "I've hit the point of discovery and truth!" This full Moon is here to give you, Archer, a fresh vision and inspire you forth in the work you've been striving toward. You've been working hard, aiming your arrows at that target. It would be wise now for you to call in some nourishment from the saints, sages, and wisdom traditions of the world. Watch a documentary, see a performance, go to a meditation center. En-lighten your mind because you are letting in fuel for the next phase of your visionary, fab journey. Now is a good time to take a course, workshop, or seminar, or read a new book or sacred text to illuminate that Big Mind of yours.

O, Practical Cap, "work, work, work" is your life theme. You are always meeting responsibilities and needs of life. You're so wise. And part of that wisdom says, TAKE A BREAK. And since you're such an earthy soul it would be a good idea to get outside to do it. Take a hike, walk on the beach, work in the garden. You may also volunteer at a senior center or spend time with your elderly friends. It will do a-body good now and you'll also feel productive (which you love) at the same time. You need Nature right now to refuel, and especially green prana and water. Spend a spell by a lake, stream or creek. Get your feet wet. Gather end-of-summer flowers. Start selecting materials and ideas for your autumn craft projects such as wreaths or wood shop materials. And, remember to laugh at the folly of life. You have a great sense of humor because it is based in real life - the funniest thing of all.


We all have a role to play on the planet. What is yours right now, Aquarius? Are you here to literally play on stage? In a family? An entrepreneurial career? It's "high play" time right now for you, with the Full Moon beaming down like a spotlight. You need to be seen (scene) in some way, so don't even think about hiding your light under a bushel. Figure out the costumery for the next Act. What stage lighting, what supporting actors and accoutrements do you need for the role at hand? "All the world's a stage and we are merely players," wrote the Bard. You're not pretending, Water Bearer; you're EMBODYING. And you're so good at your role in life because you're not attached to any one identity. Enjoy the script Life has handed to you, whether that be Drama Queen, Scientist, Teacher, Parent, Recluse, Hippie, Artist, Lover - and relax within your role. Notice how master thespians that are relaxed into their role are the ones who get the Oscar.



"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination," said your genius Fish counterpart, Albert Einstein. To which your heart replies, "YES! That's right!" You simply know the way things go in Life, Pisces, because you have an innate intelligence that stretches far beyond the limits of intellect. You're our role model for direct knowing. You can be the great sage for us at this Full Moon. All that wisdom you've collected over lifetimes (you are a super old soul!) is at your disposal now. Be a source of truth and wisdom for the rest of the world. Be the go-to person. People cry on their shoulder because you know the truth - that LOVE is truly all there is. The rest of it? Leave it to them, you say. Your path right now (and always) is to take the huge wisdom vision revealed to you at this Full Moon and see the future. Now you can act on it, wholeheartedly. Enjoy your special dreamy Moonbeams!

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Tim(e) Will Tell

Up at the hot springs retreat center a few weeks ago, where the Baba had validated my Indian name ("Sapna Lila Devi"), the synchronicities and serendipities kept on rolling in!

Two days after the Full Moon Shiva puja, I was writing my Morning Pages by the side of the pool. Suddenly, out of nowhere, my former boyfriend, Tim, who plays a starring role in the in-progress sequel to Bindi Girl, appears from thin air and grabs me in a bear hug.

I was stunned, and thrilled! I'd heard hide nor hair from my former lover over the past six years as I’d kept a vow of no contact, "staying out of the picture" since we went our separate ways in India. Problem was, I had to obtain his permission to use his name in the book! What to do? I’d need to miraculously ‘run into’ Tim in order to make contact. I had no idea how that would happen, especially since we lived in different parts of the country.

After we hugged hello, Tim explained he had just driven down from Oregon to camp at the springs, taking a little retreat for himself. He had felt pulled to visit at this time, for what reason he knew not, but being a completely connected mystic himself, he knew not to question a tug from the Divine. I marveled at how clear the energy was between us, how karma-free. It was such a wonderful feeling, knowing that staying out of each others' ways over the last six years was exactly what was needed for healing.

I cut straight to the chase, not knowing if Tim might evaporate as quickly as he appeared: "Do I have your permission to use your name in my book?" I asked him.

“Sure, no problem. So long as you don’t use my last name, right?” said Tim.

“Of course,” I replied. “I might simply say you’re from Indiana, though. To describe you.”

Ten years my junior, Tim is a good-looking all-American boy - a blond-haired, cornflower blue-eyed Indiana son. (Yup, India-na.) At first glance his Midwestern good looks might distract you from noticing that he's also one of the most deeply spiritual and awake individuals you'd ever meet.

If it wasn't for Tim showing up in the movie of my life, likely I'd still be painfully wallowing in self-deprecation, suffering in the separation of "me" from the Source. This was the man that helped me realize that awakening from the dream was possible here and now. This was the man who led me to my spiritual master in India. How can you ever thank such a person enough?

Tim and I spent the better part of that Thursday - day of Jupiter and day of the guru - in the retreat center’s garden, under the shady plum trees. We psychically checked under every rock and stone of history between us to see if even one tiny bit of karma still existed, if anything still needed to be ousted. Together we could find nothing, instead laughing at the comedy and perfection of existence. We reveled in the clarity of completion and the knowledge that we had done good work together and taught each other so much. It was a living, breathing example of what is possible when we set ourselves and the other free, over and over and over again. This the miracle of detachment with love.
I left Tim without exchanging emails or phone numbers - nothing. Only expressing sheer gratitude for our “chance” meeting, along with an affirmation of his character. There was a reason I was with this man, and there was a reason I met him both then and now. As I was saying, for the past several months, I’d wondered how to get in contact with Tim in order to ask his permission to use his name in my book. I didn’t want to change his name to Fred or Joe or Mike. He was Tim! But I couldn’t email him and like me, he wasn’t on Facebook. I would be able to contact his family, but then I would be breaking my vow. The only thing I had left to do was pray about it, and wait.

As my teacher Ramesh used to say:
Never a need to worry.
Never a need to hurry.

We can have perfect faith in what is, what was and what will be. I would run into Tim when the time was right, and so it happened, six years after we went our separate ways, ten thousand miles away in India.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Moon Astro-Tarot Forecast: September 5, 2013

Dear friends:

Once again, I’ve been guided to present a New Moon Astro-Tarot forecast for all 12 signs!

Tomorrow, September 5, at 4:36 a.m. Pacific, we have a New Moon in the sign of Virgo. 

The Sabian mystical symbol for the New Moon is 14-degrees Virgo, which represents a Family Tree: finding strength in your tribe, roots, lineages, and traditions. Where are you being called to look at the idea of ‘family,’ either within yourself or in your actual family of origin? Where are you being led to dig into your past to find meaning, purpose, closure or foundation?

As always, New Moons represent ‘seeding’ energies – whatever you plant in your heart, mind, or garden at this time can now take off to bloom at the next Full Moon – and sometimes it can be a seeding of something that will take an entire year to come to fruition! So use this energy - that of tapping into your history - wisely.

I’ve been doing some digging into my own past of late. The wonderful pink cottage where I am currently housesitting also just happens to also be the place where my journals and notebooks are stored – in the basement (roots). I had to go down into the cellar to unearth important information to be used in my Bindi Girl book sequel. While digging through my dusty boxes, finding a treasure trove of travel writing, I also rediscovered three tarot decks that I haven’t used in years! One of these decks is the Voyager Tarot – very cosmic, Jungian, tribal, and visually rich. I decided to use this deck as the divination tool for your New Moon Astro-Tarot Forecast for September 5, 2013.

After purifying the deck and calling upon my guides and the Goddess, here are my channeled messages:

Tip: be sure to read for your Moon and Rising Sign, too!

Erin’s Astro-Tarot channeled messages at this New Moon September 5, 2013:

UNIVERSAL CARD (for everyone):
No surprise here! Indeed, September does hold the Harvest Moon, which will rise in full on September 18-19. At this new moon time, we are gearing up to reap what we’ve sown for the rest of the month - all that we've been plunging into over the summer and throughout 2013, so far. We can use the energy of the New Moon to separate the wheat from the chaff, gearing up to stock up - and complete! - for the winter. It’s also the delicious end-of-summer time to enjoy the fruits of our labors and celebrate with ourselves and others.

Use that laser-pointed warrior/ess inside of you, Aries, to grab hold of the most important gist of what you’ve been learning of late. Integrate that key point, concept, or principle regarding yourself and how you relate to others.


How can you take time and space for your own self, Taurus, in the context of home and family and belonging? You, too, need time to contemplate the cosmos! We love how earthy and grounded you are - we need that - but don't forget to travel beyond the tried and true. Your spirit needs to branch up 'n out.


The Master/Mastress of creation – that’s you. Your creativity is in your hands. You are in your power as you take the reins. You balance the poles of duality like no one can (because you're a pair 'o Twins!) and go for and achieve that which you’ve set out to do. Onward!


Aw, don’t be alarmed, sensitive one! This simply warns you of stuffing or hiding any anger, resentment, or frustration that you might be facing at this time. Express yourself healthfully to your self and your loved ones. You'll be amazed at the energy that's released when you speak up.


You are clearly at the top of your game, Leo! Your mind is clear, aware, and capable. Have no fear. Shine like the electric star that you are. Flashes of key insight are on their way. You were born to be on stage - any size and any place. Stand up and roar the truth that you know in your heart of hearts!


You are the darling Virgin, with the New Moon in your sign, and you can make serious headway this month, using the cosmic energy to bust through any blocks that may be holding you up on. Be persistent, you’ll power through. The light of day is on the way! Expect the unexpected.


You may be feeling like you want to be left alone, or you might be caught up in a ‘back to school’ mode or phase. Have no fear, Libra, your own birthday time is drawing near. Take rest and alone time while you can over the next couple of weeks. Go within. It's the prep period before your annual "social butterfly" marathon.


Wow, you are ready to show your mystical side, Scorpio-Serpent-Eagle! Magick is in the air for you, as well as sensuality and sensor-reality. Break out your visioning tools and start imagining what you’d like to experience this autumn, specially around your birthday time (and Halloween!). You can co-create with the Universe. Dust off that altar while you're at it.


Yahoo for you, Archer! It must be all that music you’re grooving to and the end of summer sunshine flooding the air and your libido. You need to prepare for a love affair. If there’s no one special on the horizon, Sag, plan a love affair with life this fall. Love the one you’re with… including your self!


It’s time to learn to have more compassion for your self and your lovely family members. I love the German word for compassion: “Mitgefühl,” which means “feeling with.” Have a hefty dose of “Mitgefühl” for the world at large, as you automatically do, being a worldly Cap. But be sure to soften, and love and accept those in your immediate sphere, especially the one in the mirror.


Well, hallelujah and Eureka, Water Bearer! You’ve gone and found the answer to what you’ve been seeking. If the truth hasn’t already, it’s speeding toward you – the answer is being revealed, like the light of day. Allow the new vision to illuminate your mind. Consciousness is guiding the way. Enjoy the Shakti rush.


Play, play, play all the livelong day, Fishy Fish! The Harvest Moon-time is your time, Pisces, peaking in a fortnight. Let the kid in you celebrate, skip and go wild. Your inner child is having a field day. Enjoy it while it’s here. Indian summer shines upon you. Lap it up!

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