Monday, July 22, 2013

Full Moon in Aquarius: Guru Purnima

Monday, July 22 is the Full Moon in airy Aquarius, occurring just a few hours after the Sun bounds into fiery Leo. On this lunation, the first of two back-to-back full moons in Aquarius this summer, we celebrate true freedom, renewal of the Self, and liberation from bondage. We may ask ourselves: How are we keeping ourselves enchained? What do we need to break free of in order to express our true selves or claim happiness? What beliefs or outdated concepts are holding us back? "Stuck" is a state of the mind, and you are not the mind.

This special full moon is also Guru Purnima. In Sanskrit, guru means “heavy” or “deep,” and thus is a person who is heavy or deep in knowledge. Another traditional meaning of guru is ‘remover of ignorance.’ Purnima means ‘full moon.’ Guru Purnima is the annual celebration in which we honor all of our blessed teachers and revered guides and mentors, including the Inner Teacher. We renew our commitment to the highest vision of our guru, whether it be realizing the Self, mastering a musical instrument, or becoming a world-class athlete. Let this time be a removal of the blocks that keep us from living our highest vision. Let us be renewed in the brilliance of knowing thy self.

I have chosen The Star card of the Tarot* to represent this day. In the Waite version of this Major Arcana card, which is traditionally associated with the Water Bearer, a nude maiden bathes at the spring of pure consciousness. She is refreshing and rejuvenating herself. She is exhibiting self-love and self-care, and from this, her dreams can flourish and her worldly visions can be fulfilled. Let this be an image to heal and replenish you at this Full Moon in Aquarius.

In freedom, inspiration, and peace,
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