Monday, April 10, 2017

Full Moon in Libra: Individual Social Justice

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Tonight we have a Full Moon in the cardinal air sign of Libra, the Scales of Equality and Justice. Beyond the limited reach of "political correctness" lies the realm of social justice.

The term social justice means different things to different people: some balk at the concept or are tired of hearing about it; some welcome it and dedicate their lives to the matter. Whatever your personal position, a good discussion of social justice is going to raise some eyebrows, or at the very minimum raise some intriguing points of view. This is Libra’s pet terrain – the perspective of self meeting other, where we discover if ever the twain shall meet.


We don’t often hear the term “individual social justice.” Heck, I may be one of the first people to coin the phrase, for all I know. Maybe the words ‘individual’ and ‘social’ technically cancel each other out; perhaps it's a complete oxymoron. But I’m going to turn grammar on its ear and do it anyway. Since I’m an artist, writer and free-thinker, I reserve the right to play with these terms and do so in public.

To me, individual social justice is an act that involves standing up for oneself individually, yet has a far reaching impact on the culture as a whole. That culture may be a society, family, organization, institution, or partnership. As a humanitarian-minded Aquarius, I do think about my greater brotherhood and sisterhood and all-genders-in-between-hood. I see how standing on the sidelines and being abused, or discounted, or harmed by another person’s actions or non-actions has a much more far-reaching effect than JUST ME. The world is watching; we are all connected. The elders, the children and the neighbors are observing our behavior. Do we stand up and advocate for what we feel to be fair and just, honest and healthy?

I know it’s downright scary, even terrifying, to stand up to a bully, whether that person be a playground chump, a politician, a boss, professor, or a misguided partner.  Perhaps you are afraid of being exposed by speaking up, that you might experience a counter-attack or receive undermining that’s worse than what you’re putting up with now; however, if you get the right support (hint, hint) and you muster your courage – no matter if it takes days, weeks, months or years – you will find the power to speak up skillfully. You will reclaim what is rightfully yours: your dignity, your serenity, and your peace of mind. 

At this Full Moon in Libra, we are experiencing a cardinal t-square involving the Sun and Uranus in Aries, opposing Jupiter and the Moon in Libra, all square Pluto in Capricorn. A need for freeing oneself from shackles and chains is arising, and there is tension that must be worked through in order to gain that liberation. Pluto's potent presence makes sure the lesson is bone-deep – we are not playing small. Our actions will have consequences for the greater culture and for past souls and future folks. Uranus opposing Jupiter shakes the ground, changes the playing field significantly. The cosmic pot is being stirred in order to propel us forth in our personal and collective evolution.

Yes, we need to tread carefully with thoughts, words and actions as Mercury and Venus are both retrograde and wires are easily crossed, things feel messy, toes are stubbed. But, the theme is clear: In order to experience the healthy Libran gifts of harmony and balance, we need to stand up for Individual Social Justice. If you need support to find the right strategy, reach out for a helping hand. Your trusted guides and loving mentors - seen and unseen - will be more than happy to be there for you. How do you think they got where they are today? They walked through the fire with courage and faith, just like you are doing right now. For all of us. Thank you.

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