Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Moon Astro-Tarot Forecast – January 30, 2014

If a man does not keep pace with his companions,

Perhaps it is because he hears the beat of a different drummer.

~ Henry David Thoreau


Thursday, January 30, at 1:40 p.m. PT/4:40 p.m. ET, we have a New Moon setting the tone in the individualistic, progressive sign of Aquarius.

Aztec drummers
Being an Aquarius myself, I’ve been contemplating this New Moon cycle a bit more than most. Usually during my birthday season, I head off traveling. Each year, the New Moon in Aquarius more often than not falls in my Ninth House of international affairs and foreign journeys. In fact, tonight I leave for Mexico on the red-eye. Visiting Mexico is NEW for me because I’m usually off to India, aren’t I? Interestingly, the translation of the Mayan name for our hotel means, “the beginning of something new.” Now that I’m writing this, I’m getting excited about being abroad again, and dispatching back home to you, my beloved readers!
When Aquarius enters the fold, we can expect the unexpected. If you feel like you’ve been under the thumb of the saturnine World’s expectations for too long, now is the time to honestly examine your life. It's "to thine own self be true" time. Aquarius energy wants you to break out of the mold. If you constantly try to please society, your parents, your boss, etc. then Consciousness will never evolve and change. It would stay stagnant. That’s not in the flow. Life’s flow is to grow.

What is your biggest quirk? What is that thing about yourself that doesn’t quite fit in, and never will? That’s your Aquarian edge. That’s where you march to a different drum. If you don’t take that alternate route, then great works of art and leaps of mind will never be taken.

Friend and practical visionary Pamela Lund discusses the importance of switching things up a bit – deliberately not fitting in – in order to create a completely new, beautiful, and meaningful concept to come into existence. In her brilliant book Massively Networked: How the convergence of social media and technology is changing your life, Lund describes how The Police did just that switch-a-roo magic with their epic song, “Roxanne”: they used familiar reggae beats and moved the rhythm one beat to the right to come up with an entirely new sound. The public went wild – something different, yet derived from something known, creating a new wave of goodness and a breakthrough in pop for all to enjoy.

Lund describes The Police’s creative strategy as a use of inductive imagination, a process in which we identify the raw components we have to work with and the end result we would like to achieve. Then, we mix up the elements to come up with a completely new strategy that is much more effective, timely or meaningful than previous combinations.

That’s the energy of Aquarius. Do it differently – just change it up a wee bit, just “one beat to the right” – and blow your own mind to make a real impact. The World thanks you for being exquisitely you-nique.

All my love,

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Without further ado, let us look at how this New Moon cycle is affecting you!
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Erin Reese’s channeled Astro-Tarot messages

New Moon in Aquarius
Thursday, January 30, 2014, at 1:40 p.m. PT/4:40 p.m. ET

After purifying the Universal Waite Tarot deck and calling upon my guides, here are my channeled messages.

UNIVERSAL CARD (for everyone):
It’s no surprise that out of 78 cards in the deck, I would pull the Star card traditionally representing the sign of Aquarius, corroborating the New Moon energies. This is bound to be a powerful cycle for all of us as we individually and collectively open up to a new expression of our authentic Self and selves. The Star represents vision and an eye toward the future. Remember that others in our lives – friends, family, consultants – will always have their opinions and experience to share with us, and while they may dole out well-meaning advice, our lives are our own. No one else knows exactly what is best for us – so be prepared to march to your own drum. Conformity is not our friend at this time – do whatever you feel moved to do. This life is about evolution, and if you’re called to do something that others might consider rash, unexpected, or crazy, well, perhaps that’s exactly what is needed to shake up the status quo for yourself and everyone else. Follow your own guiding star, and trust!

The planet Uranus, the great awakener and change agent, rules the roost during this Aquarius New Moon time. Be prepared to be enlightened via the unexpected, Aries. Something big is about to shift for you, and it could feel like a bolt from the blue. It could occur in your company, or in a group or organization you’re affiliated with, or even involving one or more of your friends. Stay flexible and know that the sudden change is for the best – sometimes nature gives a big push to put us in a completely new flow of life.

You’ve got a lot of irons in the fire right now, dear Bull, and so many little details to tend to. You don’t like all this busy-body business, preferring things to be more placid and smooth. But this is one of those periods where you have to handle the hassles. Try to take each moment as it is, dealing with whatever is next on the list. You’ll get through it.

You’re in a growth spurt, Gemini. Can you feel it? You’re learning about the world and need to let that process unfold. Take part in earthly affairs to ground down the changes. Perhaps you are given a new opportunity to handle money details, budgets, or accounting. Embrace it. It is going to prepare you for a bigger role later.

You are being called to be authentic in your career path, Crab. You’re blazing new trails and are ahead of your own curve, with Jupiter the great expander in your sign and at the helm. Widen your view, step forward, and live your career dream. It doesn’t mean you have a traditional profession at all – whatever your worldly role is (teacher, mother, writer, artist, caretaker, lawyer, etc.), you are being called now to bump it up to the next level.

Quick step changes are afoot, Leo, either in the area of career, or home, or both. Keep on your toes as the emails and phone calls start flying. You’re in a period of moving energy and information that will bring you into a new phase of creative self-expression. Let those pieces of data move through the air. It’s a busy period!

Are you giving too much or too little in your life? Balance is a point you cross on your way to the other extreme – that we know, Virgo. You do things all the way and to the point of exhaustion, because you want to make sure it’s done right. Don’t hold back your energy where it counts, yet stop over-giving where it’s not being received. Also, keep up on balancing your bank accounts.

Let your career ideas ride like the wind now, Libra, for you are the zodiac’s trailblazer of harmony and balance and we need your peaceful contributions. Spring forward with your new plans and visions. Be sure to schedule in a minimum of one international trip this year. You’re going!

A small disappointment has reared its head in your life, Scorp. It appears that someone let you down. It may be a small boo-boo or it may feel like a real wound. Remember the saying, “How important is it?” It is also good to choose your battles. Maybe it’s better to walk away rather than pursue the issue.

Wow! This is the second time in a row that you’ve received the 9 of Cups, aka the “wish-fulfilling card.” You’re on a roll, Archer. Your long-standing dreams are being full-filled. Bounty abounds and blossoms bloom beneath your horsey hooves. Today’s New Moon also heralds the Year of the Horse and you are a native equestrian, being half horse. Ride your spell of good fortune into 2014 and be sure to ask Aladdin’s lamp for your heart’s desire.

It seems you’ve recently experienced a setback in the emotional arena of your life. Perhaps something you looked forward to didn’t happen, or someone didn’t behave the way you hoped. It’s okay to cry a bit over your loss, so long as you remember that life will go on. Blues ain’t nothing but a good soul feelin’ bad, as they say, so put on some soulful music and know that this too shall pass.

Everyday People ~ Judith Redman
Aquarius, you need a timeout. I know you don’t think you need a break, because you can be so in your head that you forget how busy and active you’ve been for the last six to twelve months. But your soul is tired and needs some respite during your birthday cycle. Take at least four days off in a row – let yourself go blotto a bit and meditate through being horizontal on a bed or a beach.

My oh my, aren’t you having a gay old time these days, Fish?! You’ve been enjoying your day in the Sun and your inner kid is loving every bit of it. Surf's up and you’re taking advantage of all this goodness flowing in. Spiritual bliss lies in play and free-spiritedness for you, Pisces. Fuel up!

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