Friday, June 24, 2011

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In this episode of WholeBody Talk, host Polina Smith spoke with Erin Reese – Astrologer, Intuitive Consultant and Author of the new spiritual-adventure travel book Bindi Girl: Diving Deep into the Heart of India!

Erin Reese is a one-of-a-kind explorer. A self-described travel and soul writer, Erin is the author of the popular spiritual-travel blog, Bindi Girl, which appeared online from 2002-2010. Her work has appeared in the business travel magazine, Global Traveler, featuring articles on Varanasi, Kolkata, Malaysia, and Taipei. Erin is also a certified yoga instructor, astrologer, and intuitive consultant for clients around the world. Erin divides her time between India, Europe, and the U.S. She is working on the sequel to Bindi Girl.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Work that Astro-Body! Erin Reese's Get-Fit Guide to the Zodiac

Now that summer is officially here, we may catch ourselves in the mirror asking how we can lose that extra ten to twenty pounds we stashed away over the winter.

We may be tempted to turn to fad diets promoted on every magazine cover at the grocery checkout counter. Problem is, these quick-fix weight loss methods only work for the short term. Inevitably, unless we remain in starvation mode (bad for the brain, mood, and health), those unwanted pounds creep right back up.

Of course, there's another way to drop the weight, and keep it off: good old-fashioned EXERCISE. Most of us balk at the thought of adding yet another item to our already-packed to-do lists. That's where astrology comes into play. By getting active in accordance with your Sun Sign's natural motivation, you'll be fit in no time. For best results, read your Moon Sign and Rising Sign, too!*

Check out the following just-for-fun (don't take it too seriously, folks!) "get-fit tips" by Travel and Soul astro-intuitive, Erin Reese:


The get-fit-trick for you, headstrong Aries, is to choose exercise where you can assert your independence. Any activity that can be done solo - swimming, running, biking - suits you just fine. And with that signature Ram ambition, you'll be the first in your yoga class to master the perfect headstand. Did you know that Aries is ruled by the head?


Your challenge, Taurus, is to peel yourself off the La-Z-Boy and get out into nature, where you thrive and come alive. Get yourself some fresh air each week, and enjoy the splay and scent of summer flowers. Pick up a pair of sturdy walking shoes, a sunhat, and a local hiking guide. Make your romps regular, and you can reward yourself with an occasional weekend couch potato splurge of DVD's and fruity frozen yogurt.


Your get-fit-trick is to multitask, Gemini, while working out. Listen to your favorite Podcasts while you're on the elliptical trainer, and keep your cell phone attached to your gym shorts so you won't have to worry about missing that all-important sales call. There. You've fit in yet another activity into your packed iPhone calendar. No prob! You can run for the roses, write a bestseller, and bake a superfood cake simultaneously! C'mon - you know you already do five things at once! Slipping a workout in there just lets your other Twin do another fun thing at the same time!


There's no place like home when it comes to the ideal exercise zone for the domestic Crab. Get yourself a wide, flatscreen TV, move the coffee table, and pop in your favorite Tai Chi, Tae Bo, or hatha yoga DVD. Meanwhile, you can keep an ear out for any little ones napping in the next room, or for the timer on that home-cooked spelt veggie lasagna baking in the oven.


We know it's all about you, Leo, and the fitness motivator for you is the simple fact that you're the one to watch in the Zodiac. You need all eyes upon you, so you'll want to look your best at all times. Take a West African or Butoh dance class and make sure the studio is decked out with lots of mirrors to admire yourself - and be admired - while you sweat. Yes, you do look hot. Shake your mane around for that extra leonine shine. You're ruled in part by the heart - and the back - so focus on those body parts for extra oomph this summer.


Lucky Virgo, you're the most health conscious sign, so you're probably ready for swimsuit season already! For productive you, working out in a gym is a waste of time, right? It's better to accomplish even more chores while keeping your heart rate up. Make your daily jogs into daily errands: run to the post office, the hardware store, or even the grocery store for a quart of milk - all before even starting your regular workday.All Virgo needs to do is put the workout in the calendar, and it's a done deal. I'm not worried about you, Virgo!


Libra wants to make a social event out of every workout, so why not join a yoga or dance class at the gym, where you can see your favorite people each week? Since you love to shop, head to your favorite department store and invest in some fabulous new sports clothes. You'll feel so fine in your sexy spandex halters, you'll just have to be seen at the gym. Socialite that you are, creating a weekly workout meet-up at the park, followed by a healthy brunch/lunch could be just the smiling Libra ticket!


Endurance sports are key for the intense Scorpion. Train to run a marathon or a tri, or bike a century! Fundraising groups like Team in Training or the AIDS Marathon are fabulous ways to help you reach the goal. Plus, the good cause you assist appeals to your sentimental streak. You of all signs, Scorpio, will make it across the finish line, one mile at a time, because you'd never quit. Set a goal, put it in your calendar, and see how the survivor in you THRIVES. Put "Eye of the Tiger" in your iPod to pump it up!


Sag, you're a natural equestrian, and if you're lucky enough to live in an area where you can go horseback riding on a regular basis, take advantage of it. You'll feel like you're in a dream as you guide your steed along paths and trails. Otherwise, take up exercise that requires you to travel, such as diving. And, while you're at it, sign up for that cycling tour through the south of France, or yoga vacation in Costa Rica. Climbing to the top of Everest - okay, well, Mt. Whitney, Shasta, or Tam - is a great way to get your adventuring fix!


You love the earth, Capricorn, and have a vast appreciation for Mother Nature. Problem is, how to peel yourself away from your job and responsibilities long enough to enjoy outdoor sports? The get-fit-trick for you, Goat, is to involve your coworkers in a team fitness effort, such as a bowling or softball league. This way, you'll also be moving toward health goals while increasing team spirit - and, therefore, the company's bottom line. That makes you just as happy as losing twenty pounds, doesn't it?


Aquarius, you live in your head most of the time, and only occasionally remember that you actually dwell in a physical body. Therefore, you're one of the signs that benefits most from vigorous exercise, which gets your blood pumping and nourishes your brain. Try to participate in sports that involve your friends, such as Ultimate Frisbee, bowling, and soccer. Take special care of those calves and ankles - Water Bearer body parts - by giving them some extra stretching. If an Aquarius gets depressed it's a 90% chance they've not landed on Mother Earth yet - in the body.


When it comes to exercise, Pisces, it's water, water everywhere that makes you one fit Fish! Whether it's surfing, lap swimming, or water ballet, you'll be oh-so-happy in any activity in which you are surrounded by your native element. Even if you prefer land roving, join a yoga class in a peaceful environment, with soft lights and music, to soothe your highly sensitive soul. Meditation afterward is a great way to balance your emotions. Pisces are ruled by their feet, so sneak a self-foot-massager under the desk to give yourself free acupressure all the working day!

* Want to know more about your personal natal chart, Moon Sign and Rising Sign?

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Monday, June 20, 2011

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Erin's Story (from Bindi Girl)



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