Thursday, August 31, 2017

Special for Labor Day Weekend ~ Book Today!

Special for Labor Day Weekend ~ Book Today!

Dear friends and readers,

Do you or a friend or family member need expert intuitive guidance? Don’t hesitate. I’m offering this special today to the first ten folks who respond. Save $35 on each booking! I have 10 spots available for a one hour consultation for just $100 (usual rate is $135/hour). 

Book Today, Pay Today, August 31st

Your booking must be secured with a payment. You may have your reading sometime between today and Labor Day. *Payment must be made via PayPal or credit card. 

I look forward to reading for you. Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend everyone!
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Astro Highlights!

  • Mercury in Leo is still retrograde through September 9th - cosmic jokes abound.
  • Sir Saturn, finishing off his Sagittarius sojourn, is now direct -back to school.
  • Mars in Leo trines Uranus in Aries this Saturday September 2nd – fire up the change grill.

 *Appointment can be made for a later date if you need it!


Erin Reese, Master of Science in Counseling is an author, spiritual teacher, and modern psychic reader based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She works with clients all over the world. For readings and spiritual counseling by Skype, phone or email, contact her directly at

Monday, August 21, 2017

How I Met Ramesh - new book release!

"Everything is a happening."
~ Ramesh Balsekar

Dear friends,
I have a chapter in this new book - a compilation of stories of those who were mysteriously led to Ramesh Balsekar, sage and master of advaita vedanta. The book was released on Ramesh's 100th birth centenary celebration in India. My own piece is entitled, "Waking Up in Mumbai."

Here is a link to the Amazon paperback:

I hope you will read it and enjoy! The publisher and editor, Yogesh Sharma of Zen Publications, is a friend of mine and I am so appreciative of all the good works his team offers the world.

How I Met Ramesh: The way Existence mysteriously led spiritual seekers to Ramesh Balsekar

(from the publisher) In German universities there is a tradition of honouring a beloved professor. This is done by compiling letters and articles by students who have carried on correspondence with him over the years. These contributions are edited, bound in a book and presented to him. This compilation, called Festschrift, is an expression of deep appreciation for the teacher. 

Like a large immovable rock: Letters from disciples of a modern sage is a book of accounts written by friends of Advaita sage Ramesh Balsekar, narrating how their lives have been influenced by his Teaching. In its pages you will find the words of several men and women for whom awakening has occurred. For a few other disciples the search has ended, but the fruit is not yet ready to fall. Ramesh has said that awakening means the permanent and complete annihilation of the sense of doership. (By doership what he means is the sense of identity, the egoic structure, the conceptual framework and attendant memories of the self.) And for yet others, the meeting with Ramesh brought recognition that he was the guru they had been seeking. 

As Ramesh points out, Advaita Vedanta deals with the final impediment - the illusory self, the very one seeking enlightenment... 

With Rameshji 2007
With Ramesh's family members at 100th Birth Celebration
Ramesh with Leonard Cohen in Mumbai

Living Out Loud: The Great Leo Eclipse

Hello everyone. I am writing this forecast under the influence. The influence of the total solar eclipse in fiery Leo, that is. Sitting in meditation during the peak of the New Moon, at 11:30 a.m. Pacific time, I contemplated what would be best to share with you, my readers, at this pinnacle event in astrological and astronomic history. What came through isn’t really new, but the volume is being turned up. It is a reminder that we cannot deny the Self.

Solar eclipses often slam the door on something false in our lives, in order to bring in an entirely new approach to our existence. The fatalistic tone of the ancients' views of eclipses holds true in this regard: if we deny the call of the Self, we are bound to suffer. And what constitutes release from suffering? It is settling into the Ground of Being, the Self, and expressing that which arises. It is of us, and it is expressed through us. We are contained in the Self, and we are also That, not separate.

How does the Self communicate its wishes, or movements, to our psyches, our souls, our body-minds? Through experiencing. Through embodiment, which happens in duality. Embodiment, or the Presence of Self somatically experienced, is Consciousness expressed as Form. Yes, it is temporary, it comes and goes, it is constantly transforming. Yet, even while experiencing is ultimately false in the sense that nothing lasts, it is real and true in the sense that embodiment is giving you a heads-up on WHAT IS HAPPENING. Conscious embodiment reveals where you are being moved in the Ocean of Existence.

Deeper Listening

When you get a gut feeling, a hair-on-back-of-neck prickling, a premonitory dream, a knowingness in your body that something is awry, wrong, “off,” do you listen? Do you try to talk yourself out of it – or into it, as the case may be? OR, do you come to full, crystal clear receptive attention, and take heed? 

If you practice responding to your other ways of knowing, they will get stronger and more potent, more accurate and eventually clear as a bell. What used to take five years to figure out, may take you five days, or even five hours, down to minutes and seconds. Embodiment of spirit, the feeling of what is good and true and right for YOU as the fullest, truest, best expression of Self, will become completely automatic, running in the background at all times. You will intuitively know how to handle situations which used to baffle you – that’s a promise! You will speak with authenticity, authority, clarity and power. Decisions become almost effortless. You will fret less, enjoy more. You will relax into greater well-being on all levels. Your psyche will reward you with rushes of energy, more riches than you could imagine, and a sense that all is right with the World, because it is aligned with the Self, as expressed through your embodied Truth.

So, I ask you again: are you paying attention? Are you embracing or denying the Self? What is your soul asking? Is your solar plexus waking up and asking you to smell the coffee in a Big Way? What door needs to be slammed, or shut gently, in order for you to step onto the precipice and warm embrace of Total Self Expression? At this time of the Hot-Blooded, Full-Bodied Solar Eclipse in roaring Leo, the message is “Here I Am, World! This is Who and What I Am!” 

Remember, suffering is optional. Express the Self.

Erin Reese, Master of Science in Counseling is an author, spiritual teacher, and modern psychic reader based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She works with clients all over the world. 
For readings and spiritual counseling by Skype, phone or email, contact her directly at