Thursday, October 23, 2014

New Moon in Scorpio: Rebirthing the Soul

Today, October 23, we have a New Moon in the fixed water sign of Scorpio, the sign that lives life closest to the bone. This New Moon is an evolutionary-toned partial solar eclipse. The Sun, Moon, and Venus the goddess of love are all packed together at zero degrees - as of today, these three are just squeaking into their new sign of Scorpio. Why is this significant? Zero degrees of planets often herald the beginning of important life chapters; things that last. Often, life's new beginnings come with a significant ending - a death. Appropriate, given Scorpio's ruling planet, Pluto, is the lord of birth, death, and rebirth.

As we prepare to enter the colder months of the year and honor the dead (Dio de Los Muertos/Samhain and Halloween), it’s a good time to reflect on our own mortality. The reality of the short time we have here can be a shock when we really contemplate it (I’m meant to do ALL THIS in such a short life?), but it can also give us courage to commit and therefore evolve. We may draw death closer as an ally. 

One of my favorite quotes from my book, The Adventures of Bindi Girl: Diving Deep Into the Heart of India comes from a chapter called "Me, Myself, and Mind" describing a Buddhist teaching learned at a Tibetan monastery: “If today is the day I am going to die, how do I wish to live?”

It’s a great equalizer, this question. When we contemplate our own mortality – not to be confused with morbidity! – it makes decisions much easier. Paradoxically, we draw life closer. In our heart of hearts, we ask ourselves the tough questions:
  • Given my limited time on earth, is this honestly the way I want to live?
  • Do I really want to get married to this person?
  • Do I truly want to have a child?
  • Do I truly want to continue this profession or start a new one?
  • Do I need my aging parent to live with us?
  • Do I need to dive off X cliff?
In those lifespan decades we can count on two hands, we get to experience the gamut of life, death, and rebirth - and all the resultant ups, downs, and all-arounds that go with those major transitions. I believe that this Scorpio New Moon is going to reveal to us the beginning of our next major life chapter, and it’s not going to be superficial. Scorpio is anything but shallow. It will show us where our deepest, rawest, primal self resides.


The goddess asteroid of wisdom, Pallas Athena, is at 1-degree Scorpio, conjunct this New Moon. We are meant to express, feel, enjoy, and think deeply - all at once. Feels a bit overwhelming? Welcome to Scorpio. If you were single before, perhaps you’re getting committed, truly mating for the first time. Maybe you're coming to a divorce finalization that will liberate you both. If you’ve been taking care of an aging parent it could be nearing the time for them to cross over. You will feel all the love in your heart for this process, and you will also have the clarity to make important decisions at the same time (Pallas). You can use your head and your heart. You can feel, and you can think straight. The only thing you won’t be able to do is be superficial. No wishy-washy wobbling here. Scorpio likes things intense, deep, and thorough. Decisive and incisive, that's the way.

Art is featured here, too, with the prominence of lady Venus conjunct the New Moon. Scorpio art loves regeneration. Themes of the phoenix rising from the ashes, or people overcoming death or life-threatening illnesses could be prominent. It can also be a time to face addiction, a power struggle, or thoroughly cleanse a facet of the body. Venus in Scorpio is primal: healing sex, deep intimacy, and magic.


Mercury in Libra is still retrograde until October 25 AND lies in a tough t-square to Pluto and Uranus. Ouch. Even though we are tempted to finalize agreements, as Mercury is in the contractual, negotiating sign of the Scales of Justice, it is not – I repeat, NOT – a good time to sign on the dotted line. If possible, wait until November 1. Things are simply too unstable still – too many challenges to ferret out. Unpredictable individuals (Uranus in Aries) and boards of authority (Pluto in Capricorn) may oppose your efforts and time can be wasted trying to fit square pegs in round holes. Relax and don’t get your knickers in a bunch: all will be well if you can just hang on a week or two. Breathe, be patient, and let the universe put the right players and pieces into place. With the Moon’s North Node also in Libra conjunct Mercury, rest assured there is MOVEMENT FORWARD into healthy commitment and settlements – and we should keep our eyes on that prize – it’s just not time to finalize.


Scorpio is a fixed sign. You can read that as ‘stubborn,’ and unchangeable unless it’s really the time to change, and then it’s nothing less than ultimate transformation. If you want something to get done, and get done thoroughly, give it to Scorpio.

Scorpio has three symbols, from lower to higher consciousness: the scorpion, the snake, and the phoenix. I like to call Scorpio the “Serpent Eagle,” integrating right use of kundalini shakti power along with the flight of the reborn phoenix, coming out of the ashes. You will always survive, and you can eat any poison of life and transform it to nectar. That’s the highest vibration of the fixed water sign of Scorpio.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Full Moon In Aries: The Need to Be Free

Today, October 8, we have a Full Moon total Lunar Eclipse in the fire sign of Aries, in effect over the next two weeks. I’ve been awaiting this lunation because the aspects are so exhilarating, like a much-anticipated blockbuster release. And, being an eclipse, what moves through our lives at this time is beyond our control. It is Destiny on the Mound, throwing us a curve-ball pitch. We can’t avoid the curve, but we can do our best to keep our eye on the ball and knock that sucker straight outta the park, or at the very least get a solid, game-changing hit. In short, if we heed the signs, pay close attention, and move deftly, we can springboard off this Full Moon to change our lives for good.

I do love that the World Series is going on during this lunation, for Aries is the sign of competitive sports! Even if we’re not baseball fans, we can see how the Ram’s Moon calls us to fight for our rights to win at whatever game of life we’re currently playing, to be #1! Aries wants you to call upon your inner Trailblazer, calling forth the fervent individualist streak in each of us. This Full Moon opposes the Sun in “we-we-we” Libra at this time; old, codependent routines will not work right now. Coping mechanisms that try to over-accommodate others’ needs, desires, neuroses are falling away like autumn leaves. To this, the Self says, “Huzzah!” It’s a grand time to be alive, to be focused on the “I.”

The Full Moon in Aries asks us to firmly stand on our own two feet. Sure, we must be aware of aggression and imposing our will on others, but even so, we need to pursue our own track and not cater to others at our own expense. Since this is an eclipse, we wouldn’t be able to if we tried. Eclipses, as mentioned, wear the clothes of Destiny. Trust that urge to do something that seems, well, selfish. It’s probably not as self-centered as you think. You might simply be fishing for your Self!

Since this Full Moon is tightly conjunct Uranus, the Great Awakener and Master of “Surprise!”, we can expect the unexpected. Like I said, you know a curve-ball is coming from the pitcher’s mound, so if you’ve been showing up to practice, you won’t be thrown off too badly. To the degree you’ve been living authentically and being true to yourself, you won’t be shocked; however, do expect others to be surprised by any seemingly erratic shifts or moves you make.

Uranus, according to Libra Sun/Aries Rising astrologer Steven Arroyo, “speeds up the rhythm of nature, hastening change; disrupts, revolutionizes, brings to awareness whatever was just below the threshold of consciousness.” So take note of that last bit: the more we are in tune with our own subconscious – the more we pay attention to the signs, the rumblings of the psyche, our dream messages – the less shocked we shall be.

To see where this might show up in our lives, we need the eye of a good astrologer to look at the Houses affected and any natal planets impacted. Because the signs involved are Aries and Libra, there will be a tone of relationship, whether a business partnership or a consultant or a love partner. You might divorce yourself from a professional relationship or call off a contract that’s lost its luster. Anywhere there’s a “me” and a “you” – there’s the clue.

The Full Moon/Uranus conjunction creates a supportive fire Grand Trine (three planets in 120-degree angles to each other): Jupiter in Leo speaks up for itself with a big voice and Mars in Sagittarius favors long-term vision over short-term people pleasing. Ask yourself, where are you restless? What contract is outdated? Remember that Mercury is Retrograde right now so it is absolutely not the time to initiate new verbal or written agreements (unless it’s unavoidable and carefully gone over with a fine-toothed comb!). For new contracts, wait until November, ideally. But breaking off things that have run past their sell-by date and no longer support your personal evolution – those garner a “go.” Even when you don’t have a “reasonable” backup plan, well, it doesn’t matter – you need to go there, like this fabulous Thoreau quote:

“I’d rather sit on a pumpkin
and have it all to myself,
than be crowded on a velvet cushion.”
~ Henry David Thoreau

There are a couple of challenges to take note of, however! Pluto the Transmutation Planet in cardinal sign Capricorn creates a tense t-square to this Full Moon Eclipse, with 90-degree squares to both the Moon and Uranus in Aries, and the Sun and Venus in Libra. Control and holding-on-too-long issues may arise. So, let the freeing power of the eclipse do its thing and scatter the manipulative tendencies. The energy will then be dispersed to move in new directions, i.e. we can evolve.

Be forewarned: some egos will be hurt here. Chiron in Pisces is quincunx the Sun in Libra, a funny little 150-degree aspect that guarantees some discomfort and necessary adjustment. A bit of ego wounding will be unavoidable. Yep, we’re gonna have to expect that, unfortunately, when we stop people pleasing, people stop being pleased. I know that sounds like a self-help book but it’s true. And more than likely, our decisions are not going to be the only ones stirring up the pot here; we are likely to receive others’ rash Aries movements, too. So if you feel you’re hit with a 1-2 punch, check to see if you’ve over-identified with what you think “should” be happening. Perhaps that other person is simply expressing their right to sit on their own pumpkin!

Enjoy the change!
With love,
Erin Reese

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Astro-Tarot Forecast by Erin Reese ~ October 2014

Dear Friends:

The great autumnal transformation is in full throttle…what a glorious season of change, harvest, and color. I find it so creatively inspiring, and with this energy I’m thrilled to present your Astro-Tarot Forecast for October 2014!

September was ultra-busy for me with that “back to school” energy moving and shaking through my personal and professional life, so I couldn’t prepare this for you. I missed it, and I wonder if you did, too. Time-allowing, I’ll continue to do my best to post an Astro-Tarot Forecast each month for you, beloved readers.

This October is going to be quite a big month on the planetary front, with an evolutionarily intense Total Lunar Eclipse conjunct change-agent Uranus in Aries on October 8. You can look forward to my regular astrological forecast on that next week. Please also note that Mercury turns retrograde October 4 and so our trickster communication planet will be delivering all sorts of twists and turns on that front for the month – so do cross your t’s and dot your i’s carefully!

Now, without further ado, let’s see how October is lining up for YOU! Be sure to read your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign for best results. For more personalized guidance, click here to see my offerings in Astrology, Tarot, Intuitive Consulting and Spiritual Counseling.


Astro-Tarot Forecast by Erin Reese ~ October 2014

ARIES: Eight of Swords
Ram, there are times this month where you’ll be feeling caught between a rock and a hard place, or for those more literary Aries, “between Scylla and Charibdis.” In short, when you’re using old ways of looking at your situation, you might feel really, really STUCK. When Mercury is Retrograde, you could feel like sticky circumstances are squelching your normally blazing inner fire and thwarting your attempts to get things done. Perhaps you’re barking up the wrong tree. Sit back, rest your mind and go within or distract yourself from the problem. A new course entirely will emerge by month’s end. Forcing anything right now will only perpetuate the struggle. October Theme for Aries: Give Up the Struggle

TAURUS: Queen of Wands
My earthy friend, you need to put on your professional hat this month. It’s a great time to pull in all that Gaia power beneath your feet and look at how you can better apply it to your career world. Own your authority, Taurus! You have raw, creative talent to share with the rest of us, and you can be recognized now. Powerful women in your life can be of great assistance to you in October. Let them help you rise higher. Look at feminist ways of conducting business. You don’t have to succeed via an iron fist. October Theme for Taurus: Professional Prowess

GEMINI: Ace of Cups
Make a new start this October based on a seed of Love. The Libra Sun and the Moon’s North Node continue to shine in your solar Fifth House of amore and creative babies. It’s time to drop deeper into your personal heart, Gem, and discover what you really, really want – let it be for you, selfish you. It doesn’t have to make sense; it doesn’t have to be practical or rational. Trust that the Divine has your back on this one. Say yes. October Theme for Gemini: Do It for Love

CANCER: The Empress
Lookie-you, O Cancerian! You’re riding a fertile, creative wave through October. Maybe your project hasn’t birthed into the world entirely yet, but you can rest assured that whatever you’ve been sitting on will yield abundant fruit in six months or less! So much is happening beneath the surface. Keep feeding your pet project – it’s developing beautifully! October Theme for Cancer: Creative Juiciness

LEO: Two of Cups
When you come face-to-face with a person you can deeply respect, Leo, your loyalty is unsurpassed. You give your whole heart to those who’ve earned it. October is the month to recognize that other person and the glorious team the two of you make, whether it’s a spouse, work colleague, or BFF (best friend forever). Tremendous healing comes to you this month through celebrating partnership. October Theme for Leo: The Power of Two

VIRGO: Page of Wands
All of your activities are humming along, the “dishes are done,” and you’ve got energy to spare, Virgo. It’s time for you to chart a new course. A surprise message or invitation will come your way this month – a phone call, a card or letter, an email – which sends you on a hunt for that “something new.” Take a side trip, spread your wings a bit. Your spirit needs to soar and you need fresh energy to spark up your life. October theme for Virgo: Heed the Call

LIBRA: The Moon
Many Librans will feel a huge pull of the total lunar eclipse on October 8, for it’s in your opposite sign of Aries. You may be uncomfortably confronted or your need to have it all diplomatic and copacetic may be challenged. October may not be harmonious mid-month, so be prepared. You’re going to have to trust that whatever Big Change comes your way, it will not be in your hands. Let the Universe put things back into balance in its own way. It will all work out, don’t worry! Your dreams could be prophetic this month. October theme for Libra: Not In My Hands

SCORPIO: Eight of Pentacles
Work, earn, refine, focus. You’ve got to get down to brass tacks this month, Scorp, for you have plenty of work to do. Roll up your sleeves, humble yourself, and keep at it. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and by the same token, neither will your magnum opus, nor your cherished accolades come to fruition overnight. Let your bank account be bolstered cent by cent – you will get there. Right now, it’s not about the amount of money and reward coming in, it’s the slow and steady route. Sometimes, it can feel like a grind, but find joy in the daily practice of showing up to your workbench. October theme for Scorpio: Suit up and show up

In some way, Sagittarius, you’ve hit a peak in your life. Your Spirit is whole, complete, and full-filled at the moment. You’ve achieved so much already in 2014 – just look at the past nine months. It’s been a huge accomplishment year and it’s only October. This month is time for you to recognize just how far you’ve come. You have great wisdom and perspective to share with others and just about anything you touch will succeed in your own unique way. October theme for Sagittarius: “I am a success!”

It is only natural to crave uniting with a beloved, Cappy. Sometimes you can be so independent and responsible you forget how a partner can contribute greatly to your universe. October is a time to let the idea percolate a bit more. If you’re single, ask yourself, “What would my life be like if I opened myself to real love again?” If already paired, ask, “What would my life be like if I allowed myself to open up more deeply in this holy union?” October theme for Capricorn: Opening Up to Another

AQUARIUS: King of Swords
Speak, Aquarius! Speak! You’re meant to use the power of your thought-sword as words this October. Write, talk, profess your wisdom in authoritative ways. You have a fair, just, correct and accurate message to put forth to your world community at large. Trust that you have all you need and get the word out. Share your passionate vision. Your ideas cannot be held back! October theme for Aquarius: Speak Your Mind

PISCES: Three of Pentacles
Time for you to work on a communal, hands-on project this month, Fish. The earth element is your friend, so somehow get involved in your community of friends, neighbors, work-mates and make something long-lasting together. Your efforts will not go unnoticed. It will be successful so long as you build, step-by-step, in cooperation. You’ve got what it takes so take pride in your project! October theme for Pisces: One Brick at a Time

Happy October, everyone!
Warm wishes,

With a wealth of modern expertise in the ancient arts of Astrology and the Tarot, Erin Reese is an intuitive consultant uniquely positioned to answer your questions via Skype, phone or email. Contact Erin: