Wednesday, March 31, 2021

TRUTH SEEKER: Now Available for Pre-Order!

“The willingness to lose everything to find true, lasting freedom!”

Hello dear friends!

I have some BIG NEWS. My long-awaited second book, Truth Seeker: A Spiritual Adventure of Love, Loss, and Liberation is available now for preorder on Amazon Kindle – and will be ready in paperback on April 12!

Here is the link to preorder:

I am THRILLED to share this with you.

Such a long time coming! I published The Adventures of Bindi Girl: Diving Deep Into the Heart of India in 2012. I became pregnant immediately afterward with my second book! Can you imagine? Pregnant for nine years? It was beyond uncomfortable. Cankles and cravings, mood swings and meltdowns don’t even begin to describe it.

At my tiny, small-town post office the other day, mailing off advance review copies to readers around the globe, the post office worker said, “You send a lot of books! Are you an author?”

“Yes,” I replied. “It is NOT fun. Don’t ever say you want to write a book.”

“Oh!” she responded. “Another woman who comes in here is also an author. She told me I should definitely try writing a book, that it’s a wonderful thing!”

Yeah… well…

Different strokes for different folks!

Notwithstanding the crushing and horrifically grueling process of “killing one’s darlings (or babies)” – the dark term referring to throwing out massive chunks of your own cherished writing to make the work stronger – the reason Truth Seeker has been so challenging to shape, finish, edit, publish is that it shows not the finished, nicely wrapped up product of intense spiritual and psychological work, but rather, the book exposes the process. The guts of it all. What it’s really like to have a major existential meltdown, to be “ready to die,” to chuck everything and surrender in India. To risk everything to find true, lasting freedom. To find one’s teacher and to be released from the shackles of suffering and seeking.

In writing Truth Seeker, first I had to LIVE it, then I had to write about it while I was being torn to bits, and then I had to put it all together in a coherent fashion, then clean it all up to make it into a professional, polished work of art.

During the last painful weeks of work, I thought of Fleetwood Mac and the making of the album Rumours (there’s a great documentary on Amazon Prime about it). Stevie Nicks, Lindsay Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood, Christine and John McVie reveal about how incredibly long the process took and how arduously painful it was. They were in a bunker-style situation in a Sausalito studio for over a year. More money, more writing and arranging; no sleep, strung out, relationships coming and going – and all the while deeply committed to the art.

It had to be right. It had to be beautiful art. And it had to tell the truth.

The result? Rumours is a masterpiece, and almost 45 years later, it is still being thoroughly loved, appreciated, adored by fans new, young, and old.

I am not saying my book is another Rumours (one never knows). But, it is most definitely my personal Rumours.  My “Dreams.” My “Silver Springs” (hidden track!). And my “Chain.”

My Dreams for Truth Seeker

This morning I asked myself, what do I wish for Truth Seeker?

I wish for many, many folks to read it. To enjoy it. To feel less alone. To be inspired.

This book is…

For those who are having or have had a serious existential crisis.

For those who have had their own experience of a personal hell.

For those who are suffering, spiritually, mentally, emotionally.

For those who feel they can’t go on anymore, or who felt that way in their past.

It is also…

For those who love yoga, meditation, or mindfulness.

For those spiritual practitioners who have been practicing a while, and experience some benefits, but are not feeling the deep relief and peace they seek.

For those who are drawn to India, or exotic, off-the-beaten path travel.

For those who are drawn to Eastern philosophies like Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta, Tantra, Zen, Taoism.

And it is…

For those who have been unlucky in love, and wonder “what is wrong with me?”

For those who dream of falling in love, but can’t seem to make it work. Ever.

For those who straight-up appreciate memoirs, women’s memoirs, spiritual memoirs, travel memoirs.

For those who need strength to keep going. A good laugh. A good cry…

And a good read.

Thank you in advance for reading Truth Seeker! When you do, please leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads if you are so inclined and inspired! And tell your friends!

If you preorder here today, it will be delivered to your Kindle automatically on April 12! OF COURSE I’ll send out another email when the paperback goes live the same day!

(Bonus good karma points to repost the link to share with friends!)


A deep bow to you and all the readers.

With love,


“Erin Reese’s excellent new book Truth Seeker is a deep dive into the heart, dedication, and courage that is required in spiritual awakening. This book isn’t merely about truth seeking; it’s about truth finding. At first glance the book appears to be about a journey into the spiritual cornucopia of India, but the book is far more than this.  It’s an inspirational nudge into the deepest depths of your own heart. Do you have the courage? The dedication? I highly recommend this book to both glistening spiritual newbies and jaded old-timers.  After reading I was left in a beautiful, resonant heartfelt state.  This alone is worth the price of admission.”

– J. Stewart Dixon, author of Spirituality for Badasses: How to Find Inner Peace and Happiness Without Losing Your Cool

Friday, March 19, 2021

Sun Enters Aries: Spring and the Super-Powered Seed

Jet Martinez, Te Quiero Tantito (2016)

Tomorrow in the wee hours of March 20, the Sun enters fiery Aries, the sign of “I AM.” We celebrate the vernal equinox with its full potential of springtime, and all that is new. Our hearts and minds, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, are prickling with fresh energy.

At this point, however, we know not exactly how this potential energy will take shape. It is tempting to force it into being, to have a plan, to make up a story with your ideas of how this, that, and the other thing are going to unfold this season and into summer. We immediately impose a mental framework onto this new baby potential of springtime. When this happens, we are in great danger of missing the magic.

I am about to launch my second book, Truth Seeker: A Spiritual Adventure of Love, Loss, and Liberation, into the world. It’s a matter of days now before the paperback and Kindle version go live on Amazon. I’m relieved, and thrilled, that this seed is going to burst onto the scene – finally! People will be able to read this spiritual memoir that I’ve toiled with for over ten years. Finally!

Now, have I any firm intention as to how this book is going to find its way in the world? How and when it will start walking and talking? To find its way to a bookstore virtual reading, an interview, a top-book-pick list? Nope. Do I have an agenda as to what it’s going to result in – more recognition, more students, more money, more, more, more…?

Nope. When I think of imposing a limited collection of thoughtforms – ideas of how it should be – onto this book baby, I lose all the magic, all the wonder, all the faith in Existence to show the way.

Of course, I absolutely hope that people enjoy the book and benefit from it, are inspired by it, or even transformed. But is that up to me? Not a chance.

I’ve done my part. I’ve fertilized the soil, I’ve weeded and tilled and toiled. I’ve been pregnant for years, had many false labors, premature contractions. I was in the delivery room for eons, it seemed, without epidural. Without drugs. A raw, natural childbirth that had both mother and emerging babe screaming and wailing in fits and starts. So many breach moments, so many crownings, fantasizing about forceps, asking for help, and more help, and more help.

Until finally, the little truth-seeking infant lands on the scene. Just about ready to be shown to the world. Packed chock-full with all its DNA ready at the helm, a life stored within from start to finish, a blessed star is born.

And of course, I have heard, seen, and felt pressure within and without to do a book launch the right way, the correct way. To get Facebook ads, more advance reviewers, a larger mailing list. To which I say, let’s see what happens! Let’s let the baby herself have a moment to show me the way.

At this time of Spring Equinox, when the potential energy within and without is throbbing, pulsing, ready to burst forth, see if you can take a moment to let it reveal itself to you, rather than imposing an idea of what should happen next.

We are coming off a year of being isolated, limited in movement, and more turned inward than ever before. We are ourselves blessed new seeds. Rumblings of reentry back into the bustling world are being heard across the globe. They are real rumblings, and surely we will reengage in a new way. Yet, let Life lead the way, try not to push too quickly or too hard. Lest you miss the magic.

Art by Casey Weldon

Equinox 2021


Reenter the world

come out gently but slowly

like a tiny bud at the tip of a branch

barely quivering at first sun.

A babe is borne, really raw

very tender and fragile.


What have you learned this past year?

Must you pick up all the old crap?

Can you leave those old patterns,

dust motes, habits, compulsions,

convictions aside?

Salvador Dali, Rosa Papilio

Can you accept the spaciousness

of a raw, empty palate-palette?


This is the opportunity you have been

waiting for.

The unknown, the void

with pure potential.

A seed with all life force energy

packed inside.


Release the need to control the outcome.

Trust the unfoldment of life.


Allow the sun, the rain, the

rainbow to feed the seed.

No need to know.

All by itself, life will grow.

~ Erin Reese

Erin Reese, M.S. is a contemporary non-dual spiritual teacher, author and guide. A modern mystic with over thirty years of experience, Erin Reese offers incisive, practical intuitive readings to her clients worldwide. She is a counselor, guide and mentor to those seeking an alternative to traditional psychotherapy or business coaching. Erin also offers non-dual meetings and retreats on embodied liberation and freedom from suffering. Visit for more information. 

Monday, March 8, 2021

New Moon & Shivaratri Meditation and Messages­čö▒THIS FRIDAY, 10am PT

Dear Friends,

This coming Friday-Saturday, we will experience a New Moon in the sign of oneness, mystical spirituality, union, dreams, and the unconscious, the mutable water sign of Pisces, the Fishes. This lunation is tightly conjunct Pisces' ruler of Neptune, symbolized by the trident. ­čö▒

Importantly, this new moon time is also celebrated as Maha Shivaratri - great night of Shiva, who also carries this same trident as creator, preserver, and destroyer. Shiva represents Consciousness - All That Is - transcending form and manifesting as form simultaneously in an endless dance.

It is a potent time to come together in group meditation.

I've been guided to host another group call to help with integrating these energies and support this transformation. The free call will last one hour. RSVP required.

New Moon in Pisces and Maha Shivaratri:

Meditation and Messages

with Erin Reese

Friday, March 12 @ 10 am* Pacific

Zoom Video


The exact time of the New Moon is Saturday, March 13 at 2:07 a.m. Pacific Time.

As always, we will see what opens up on the call itself. Surely, we will take some time for grounding and centering, before dropping into silence together. I will be tuning into my guides and the collective, and will share some of the information and pointers received for the group. Also, you may ask questions and receive guidance during the call.

Please RSVP directly to me (simply reply to this email) for the special Zoom link!

Yes, you can share this email with friends!
See you there.
with love,
*Originally this call was scheduled for Saturday March 13. Please note time/day change to Friday, March 12 at 10am PT!
Erin Reese, M.S. is a contemporary non-dual spiritual teacher, author and guide. A modern mystic with over thirty years of experience, Erin Reese offers incisive, practical intuitive readings to her clients worldwide. She is a counselor, guide and mentor to those seeking an alternative to traditional psychotherapy or business coaching. Erin also offers non-dual meetings and retreats on embodied liberation and freedom from suffering. Visit for more information.