Monday, January 26, 2015

Spiritual Counseling with Erin Reese

Are you at a crossroads in life?
Need some spiritual support?

Erin Reese
photo by Alix Rauh

Ongoing Spiritual Counseling with Erin Reese

Did you know that I offer spiritual counseling series options for clients desiring a deeper dive? This is an incredibly affordable option for those who wish to check in and receive support on a regular basis.

How does it work?
I offer spiritual counseling combined with regular intuitive readings on an ongoing basis. I meet with clients on a weekly or biweekly basis to check in on any professional or personal issues they are working with. We go as deep as you need. Some clients are working through relationship challenges, some need energy clearing to remove blocks in awareness. Some are learning to heal from reactive trauma in which I give them tools and we discuss the progress. Some clients need systemic constellation work to clear ancestral blocks in the family system. Some prefer more free association and personal or business coaching. Last but not least, some clients seek support with embodied spiritual awakening and deepening into the Self. Most clients request a look at the Tarot or their astrology chart for a short or long reading at some point in the session - a very good tool. In short, you bring to the table whatever you want to work through, and together we will find the tool to address it.

How much does it cost?
I offer one-time sessions at my normal rate of $125 per hour or $75 per half-hour, but by far the most affordable solution is to commit to a series of 4 sessions at only $350 which is just over $85/hr. I work with my clients via phone or Skype. I also allow any follow-up questions via email in between calls, if needed, to touch in on anything we are working with. You have my support. It's a great tool for folks that don't feel the call to traditional therapy or coaching but do want to go deeper and build trust with one person in a counseling fashion. And, of course, you have the added benefit of psychic readings as needed to go with it.

What is your background?
In addition to 25 years of experience with astrology and the tarot, I am also an author and spiritual travel writer. I have training in transpersonal psychology, yoga and meditation, somatic therapies, recovery, and alternative healing. I have a strong business background, having worked as a corporate recruiter, website producer, and editorial consultant. I have undertaken long periods of spiritual pilgrimages and travel in Asia and Europe, along with five years living in India and studying with a spiritual teacher. My innate psychic ability has been inherited from the women in my ancestry and has been highly activated through spontaneous awakening of the Kundalini life force. I offer my work to clients all over the world in the spirit of service and healing.

For those who like credentials, here are a few other bits of training you might find interesting:

° Coaches Training Institute, Professional Life Coaching, San Rafael
° Sofia University (formerly Institute of Transpersonal Psychology), Palo Alto
° Certified Yoga Instructor. SVYASA Yoga University, Bangalore, India
° Systemic Constellation Training, Germany and United States
° Bachelors of Science, Highest Honors, University of California
° Masters of Science in Counseling (in progress), California State University

If you'd like referrals, please let me know. I have several ongoing clients that have offered to answer any questions from you as a reference for my work. You will know if you feel called to work with me.

How do I get started?
Please email me at to set up an appointment time. Indicate whether you prefer phone or Skype appointments, and indicate a few options and times, Monday through Friday, that would work with your schedule on a weekly or biweekly basis. Payment can be made in advance or at the time of the first scheduled appointment via PayPal or with a bank card or check, your choice. We will find the best option for you.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
I look forward to supporting you on your journey!

With love,
Erin Reese

Erin Reese is an author, spiritual guide, astrologer, and modern psychic reader based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She works with clients all over the world.
For readings and spiritual counseling by Skype, phone or email, contact her directly. She can be reached at

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mercury Retrograde ~ Client Appreciation Special!

Mercury Retrograde ~ Client Appreciation Special

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Erin Reese is an author, spiritual guide, astrologer, and modern psychic reader based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She works with clients all over the world. For readings and spiritual counseling by Skype, phone or email, contact her directly. She can be reached at

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Moon in Aquarius: The Witnessing Mind

Today, we have a New Moon in Aquarius the Water Bearer. A cosmic, progressive and mental air sign, Aquarius pours a stream of fresh consciousness upon us, waking us up and inspiring our hearts.  Ruled by both traditional Saturn and revolutionary Uranus, the Water Bearer is both logical and intuitive.

We have two New Moons this year in the sign of the Water Bearer (the next is February 18), a rare occurrence. The future-planning seeds we plant in our minds now are especially potent. Where to begin? We examine the stirrings in our inner and outer lives for clues. Use the Aquarian gift of detachment.  Just as if you were a scientist, with an objective approach, ask: What naturally and logically happens next in my life?
Many clients and friends are experiencing tremendous challenges and life-and-death situations. Some are questioning their core relationships, wondering if they are in the right partnership, or if their marriage is healthy for them. Some people are losing relatives through death, and the rug feels pulled out from underneath. Others may be on the brink of a major scientific or creative discovery, pounding out long hours in the laboratory or at the keyboard, with a hunch it's going somewhere, but not sure.

All of those emotions that have been stirred up through the imminent Pluto-Uranus square have exposed any muck that needs to exit our lives – it’s all been brought to the surface. Now, we draw upon that natural drive of curiosity we have carried since childhood, and look more closely. Remember, we are not only being asked to change, we’re being pushed to downright evolve; therefore, we need embody a great deal of insight to overcome our innate conditioning, which carries an incredible amount of inertia. Once again, the keen insight and impartiality of Aquarius come in handy. You can see clearly now: Where are you chained by your inclinations, desires, proclivities?

The Witnessing Mind
This is the time of Aquarius, the scientist, the great observer.When we don our witnessing hat, we can handle whatever we are going through much more gracefully. We don’t have to judge it – it is, ultimately, neither good nor bad. It just IS. We can watch ourselves attempting to change the situation, and we can watch ourselves succeeding or failing at making desired changes. We may see ourselves at our most magnanimous, or our most childish. No judgment.

With the non-attached tool of the witnessing mind – pure, objective awareness – we can simultaneously experience whatever is happening and remain immune to a great deal of suffering. Spiritual practices (sadhana) can be very useful. Examples include meditation, hatha yoga (asana), selfless service (seva), studying sacred texts or words of wisdom (jnana), or simply striving to change your attitude to one of gratitude. Whatever helps you get a little perspective and see things in a non-judgmental fashion – that’s a good way to cultivate the witness.

Try this: 

Examine the events of your life – past or present – as if you were watching them happen to someone else, or in a movie. Be fearlessly, totally objective. If you remove all identification and judgment of the events and behaviors of yourself and others, how much would the story you are telling yourself change? Can you see how getting a little distance can be a powerful, freeing tool?

Achievable Vision

This New Moon is in a harmonious sextile with workhorse Saturn, newly in the fire sign of Sagittarius. This gives us the gift of long-term vision. What do you need in order to achieve that great dream of yours? Do you need to go back to school? Move towns, states, or even nations? Sign up for a year-long course with a spiritual guide or yoga training? If you’re really honest with yourself, what needs to happen in order to get from A to Z over the next two and a half years of your life? Now is the time to take a bird’s-eye, non-attached view. Your dreams are achievable, and this New Moon offers a jolt of mental fortitude.

Aquarius, being a fixed sign, is very good at finishing things that others sometimes leave by the wayside. One of the ways the Water Bearer creates freedom in the life is through freeing oneself up of responsibilities by meeting them in the first place. Free yourself by meeting your obligations, so you can move on and be done with it. This is one trick to a happy life.

It can be hard to get Aquarius' concentrated air energy moving –there’s a lot of resistance there – but when the activity starts, it’s like a steady wind steering a sailboat straight into harbor. Sail on.

Mercury Retrograde: January 21 to February 11

The day after this New Moon, Mercury stations and is retrograde from January 21 through February 11, adding another important flavor to this lunation: don’t be afraid of revisiting old material and situations that you feel you’ve already spent ample time addressing. Perhaps you NEED this second look in order to better understand, using your keen eye of detachment. Maybe you need to update a marketing plan, a class, a tax strategy.

In fact, why don’t we just get the bulk of our 2014 taxes done during Mercury Retrograde, waiting until later to file them (after Mercury’s direct!) but getting everything ready now? Won’t it feel good to have those taxes done early this year?

And, as per usual with Mercury in reverse – be sure to dot your i’s, cross your t’s, and carefully scrutinize any new contracts you might be entering into at this time. Back up your computer, and avoid buying major mechanical, electrical, or computer equipment until this time blows over where possible. It’s a super time for repairs, redux and redo.

Erin Reese is an author, spiritual guide, astrologer, and modern psychic reader based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She works with clients all over the world. For readings and spiritual counseling by Skype, phone or email, contact her directly. She can be reached at

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Full Moon in Cancer: Feelings Revealed

Tonight we have a Full Moon in the highly-sensitive cardinal water sign of Cancer beaming down on us. This Full Moon sets off the ongoing cardinal Pluto-Uranus square. We are being pushed by these potent outer planets to evolve and change, and no individual is immune to this transit. 

In stark contrast at a 180-degree opposition to this sensitive Cancerian Moon stands Pluto in Capricorn, revealing structures, traditions, ways within and without that are outdated and, to put it bluntly, are rotting way past their expiry date – things that must be recycled, composted. There is a death process going on which will eventually lead to rebirth but excruciatingly thorough Pluto is never quick and will take his time with his transmogrification.


T R A N S M O G R I F I C A T I O N. Now there’s a word. It sounds exactly like it feels – a grand transformation with often grotesque effect. That’s Pluto in Capricorn squaring Uranus in Aries in a toe-to-toe showdown. Uranus is impatient enough as it is (he is the planet of instantaneous) and to boot, he’s in the hasty hotheaded sign of the Ram. He’s tapping his toe arguing with Pluto to get on with the show. “Let the death occur, already!” says Uranus, the Awakener. “I have a liberation lined up and aching to happen!”

Groan. Yes, the Pluto Uranus square, which began in 2011, will continue throughout the year, peaking (or shall I write, piquing) March 15, 2015 to be exact. Thus ends the bulk of the long dispute between these two outer planets, an exclamation point more than a closed chapter, as the effects will linger in our inner and outer worlds. Where these two planets fall in your personal chart houses will reveal more to you about what is being asked to slough off in your life (Pluto) and what is being asked to wake the bleep up and individuate (Uranus).


At this Full Moon in Cancer, our emotions hold the clues as to what is brewing, stewing, looming in this Plutonian-Uranian evolutionary process. Notice: what are you getting teary-eyed about, or perhaps even sobbing over? What is worrying you, gnawing at you, or even bordering on a bit of Macbethian hand-wringing?

Perhaps you’re feeling pulled apart, like your heart is screaming at you (“I’m in pain!”) or you just can’t feel a foothold in the ground. Likely, it’s not just a small thing that just popped up recently out of nowhere, no. It’s probably a raw exposed nerve that has needed your attention for several months, or likely years – and in some cases, decades or lifetimes. It’s time to grant this emotional issue some air time. Take note, with Pluto opposing this Full Moon, it’s also likely to be somewhat unpalatable, messy, embarrassing, dark, and definitely private if not a total secret. Maybe you can eke out a little bit of the truth now – just a little – if only to yourself. It will feel good to get honest, like a pressure relief valve releasing steam. 

Now, not all of us will feel this emotional wave during this Full Moon time. But enough people will be that I’m writing this to say: You are not alone. It’s like cosmic hormone time, and we’re in it together. Those hormones have something to offer you, and that something is EMOTIONAL HONESTY.

Cancer rules the home and the hearth – our actual home that we live in and the psychic space – our most personal, private root system. If there’s a way you’re not feeling AT HOME in your life, it may be highlighted now. We can use this watery upwelling at this time to see where our emotional plumbing, our feelings of connectivity to ourselves and others, may be polluted or clogged-up or in need of repair. Cancer also rules the tribe and family, so if something is awry in your most intimate relationships, that will probably come to light at this time.

But first, the honesty. It’s hard to face where we feel out of balance when it comes to our psychic subconscious health or our physical dwelling. If we want to enjoy our lives, we have to feel good in our homes, our hearts and hearths. We may not know the solution yet – don’t try to force solutions! It will probably unfurl throughout the spring and into summer 2015. The first step is admitting it, most importantly to ourselves, and to the universe. Write it down, call a sacred, trusted friend and share HOW YOU FEEL. There’s validity in your feelings, and you deserve to acknowledge them, hurt, happy or hopeful as they may be.
For those folks who are feeling a bit overwhelmed – this piece is for you. Ride the wave, even if it’s tumultuous or terrifying. You can do it. Imagine you’re surfing a maverick. Remember: every single wave has a duration in time and space, and it will end (and you’ll be the better for it!). In the meantime, honor your feelings, take it one moment at a time. And indulge in huge helpings of self-care: nourishment, sleep, warmth – huddle in a Cancerian crab shell of your making. Feel safe and held and comforted by the truth of your feelings, lighting the way.

Erin Reese is an author, spiritual guide, astrologer, and modern psychic reader based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She works with clients all over the world. For readings and spiritual counseling by Skype, phone or email, contact her directly. She can be reached at