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New Moon Astro-Tarot Forecast - May 28, 2014

Today, May 28, 2014, we have a New Moon in the mutable air sign of Gemini, symbolized by the Twins.

This is a titillating New Moon, folks. When Gemini is active, the stimulating energy of Mercury/Hermes will not let us go to sleep, no. Consciousness is awake. We have to talk about things, we have to ponder, listen and speak. We are moved to communicate and learn. And, we have to make choices. This or that – what will it be? Now is the exciting time of charting new courses, informed by observations about yourself and the Other. The Other may be another person (partner, sibling, coworker, etc.), and the Other may be a project or passion staring you in the face. It’s time to change, and get moving – physically and/or mentally.

Gemini is the quintessential sign of duality, of the twins – it represents opposites that are equal. Duality, seen in the symbol of yin and yang, is what makes the world appear as it is. It is mutable perspective. There will never be a good God without a bad Devil. There will never be a poor beggar without a rich king. And there will never be a man without a woman, a liberal without a conservative, one opinion without an opposing view. This can be exhausting, unless there is realization that non-duality is the way through the madness.

Opposites are apparent; they are ephemeral appearances in time and space. The yin and yang symbol is encompassed in a circular form, representing the Whole. The entire universe is a Whole. This must be kept in mind, clung to as truth, and eventually it will go straight to the heart. It must be embodied and awakened in us via self-realization, culminating in lasting peace in life, no matter what the external conditions.

At this time of the New Moon in Gemini, we can take a look at how we are stimulated to DO things, to SAY things and MOVE things – including our bodies, our points of view, our flow of energy – as a result of an equal, yet DIFFERENT force or person appearing in our field of experience. Do we automatically react and try to push this influence away? Do we reject the Other (person, situation, point of view) with an inner or outer argument? Or do we assimilate the Twin into our seeing of Wholeness? The old axiom, “What you resist, persists,” holds true here. Suffering will result unless the opposition is accepted as it/he/she is. Acceptance does not mean we are passive doormats. We move like Jedi knights and Zen princesses - correctly, as needed in the moment. We do not have to lose our uniqueness. In fact, individuation is a vital, exciting part of being alive. We allow ourselves to be moved, and we allow ourselves to affect others, in an ever-flowing dance of life.
Fly high!
Travel Video for New Moon: I used to create short video montages of my travels in India and beyond. This one is meant to pay respects to my intense life as a writer on the road, a very movable, Gemini traveling time in my life in which I was living light (out of a backpack) and spending time with my spiritual teacher Ramesh Balsekar (a Gemini) in Bombay. I set the video to John Denver’s song, “The Eagle and the Hawk,” a great Gemini flight song. If you remember that song from the 1970’s, turn up the volume and enjoy. I loved it as a kid, and it still inspires me to soar. Enjoy.

Now, without further ado, let us look at how this New Moon cycle is affecting you! For best results, as always, be sure to read for your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign.

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Erin Reese’s channeled Astro-Tarot messages

New Moon in Gemini
May 28, 2014

After purifying my Osho Zen Tarot deck and calling upon my guides, here are my channeled messages for the New Moon in Gemini:

UNIVERSAL CARD (for everyone):

If we look beyond the ephemeral appearance of objects, others, and opinions in time and space, we come to a place of ultimate reality. This understanding brings peace. All else is temporary, and clinging to changeable phenomena brings suffering. Judgment of self and others perpetuates the illusion, so why hold strongly to beliefs? Why criticize points of view? Of this card, the Zen Tarot says, “These judgments keep us trapped in our illusions, our sleepiness, our old habits and patterns. Drop your opinionated mind, and move inside. There, you can relax into your own deepest truth, where the difference between dreams and reality is already known.”

You’re moving into a space of no expectations, and no demands, either on yourself or of Life or another. Try to flow with the go at this Gemini New Moon. You will have so many Aries “just do it!” ideas, thoughts and new impressions moving through your daily world. Try to hop like a frog from lily pad to lily pad, or imagine yourself skipping through the forest without a care. Tomorrow will be different, and the next minute will show a new face. It’s not a time to hold firm to your concepts of what should be. Float downstream and let the waters of consciousness nourish your soul. Be sure to get outside and swim in a lake, river, or ocean – you need it to replenish.

The Bull is a master of conscious moment to movement, from movement to stillness, and back again. This is the beauty of being. You are a peaceful master of life. You know in your heart that this will also change, and that there is no such thing as the future. Where is the future (or the past for that matter)? It doesn’t exist. If you feel over-stimulated by the workings of the world, city, or work, take time to simply breathe. Sit at your desk, or on your meditation cushion, and regroup. You don’t need to manufacture or buy into a busy mind to justify your existence. See what arises in consciousness, in Life, all by itself.

This is a time to integrate all elements of being in your sphere: air, earth, water, fire, and ether (spirit) into a combined whole. Set aside adhering to one small part of isolated existence, and get INVOLVED into a unified whole. Step outside your comfort zone and join a group, play on a team, go on a journey with a bunch of folks. The bigger picture needs your individual contribution, and it won’t work if you sit home and stare at the computer screen. Get off Facebook and interact with real, live persons! You need it, Gemini.

A new Teacher is coming into your life, Cancer. This could be a spiritual master or guide. It could also be a healer or counselor, a new pet, or a neighbor, or even a garden or home project. Something or someone has a much different, yet very important, seed of consciousness to bring you. It is time for you to awaken into a deeper state of knowing. Allow yourself to be transformed and let the old you fall away. Remember: The Master may give you a whack on the behind in order to wake you up. It’s not personal! Surrender.

Are you having an honest relationship with the Other in your sphere? Make sure you aren’t projecting your old family drama or deep-seated fears onto the people in your life. We are especially susceptible to putting our conditioned mind onto romantic partners, authority figures, and family members, for they hit the hidden places in our selves that need to be brought to light. Do your best to see the other person for who they are, without trying to change them. Practice.

Finally! You’ve overcome an old calcified part of your body-mind conditioning and it feels so liberating! Maybe you’ve had to endure a spell of pain, or you’ve had to use all your spiritual might to break through the blocks, but you’ve done it. If it hasn’t happened in the last few days, you can be sure that within the next few weeks, a major shift of consciousness is coming. Your life will never be the same. You’ve stored up a lot of soul strength for this to occur. Welcome the freed up energy (shakti) that comes through this blasting change in life.

Look around at the abundance overflowing in your life, Libra! Whether you recognize it or not, your physical health, and your business and material worlds are in a great position now, Libra. You look like you’re going to have a dy-no-mite summer. Plenty to give, plenty to share. Plenty to eat and plenty to drink. You won’t have a shortage of offers to play and indulge. Set aside time for a luxurious holiday. Even if it’s just a few days – the best time is end of July through mid-August. Start planning, or go sooner!

Scorpio is a profoundly wise, magical, mystical sign. Yet, when Scorpio does not evolve into the Serpent Eagle, it can pass such severe judgment on the Other person that it will never, ever forgive and forget. Are there persons or groups of people in your life that you are still holding in bondage with an air of superiority, bordering on severity? Are there parts of your self that you keep locked in chains because you feel betrayed? Try applying the Gemini perspective at this time and have an open-minded conversation with those parts of yourself, or other people, and remove the chains that bind. Free yourself and them. Have mercy.

In the Tarot, the sign of Gemini is represented by the Lovers. And, Gemini is the opposite sign of Sagittarius. Gemini energy can drive you nuts, Saggy, because sometimes it doesn’t take the Whole Big Picture into account. It stays stuck in minutiae and bogs you down with trivialities or arguments, while you like to take a bird’s eye view. Keep in mind that each of those small points of view are inextricable from the big picture. This week or next, you will be faced with a major life decision. Try making an old-fashioned list of pros and cons. If that doesn’t work, flip a coin. You can’t make a mistake!

The New Moon in Gemini is bringing up all sorts of questions in you about lifestyle, daily habits, and your health. How do you keep control and authority in your life when there are all these other PEOPLE asking things of you, and taking priority over healthy habits? Capricorn, you like to be responsible, but sometimes trying to keep everything in control causes you to lose it mentally, which affects your health. If you feel confused, drop the mind. Get outside, take a walk, practice yoga or meditation – anything to get you out of believing the clutter in your head.

You deserve a break today! And, you need a few new pieces of clothing to add to your costume wardrobe. Try some new fun colors for summer – be bright and be charismatic in your appearance. You have a zany, unique way of looking at the world, and you’re often far ahead of the rest of the world with your perceptions and ideas. Don’t be afraid to self-express your individuality. Have a good time stirring up the airwaves and making others think twice about their own concept of reality.
Pisces can feel burdened by the woes of the world sometimes, and restricted by its demands. You are not meant to get overly stressed by the madness of society. You know you don’t have to do it like the culture tells you to do it. Right now, this need to bust out of bondage is appearing in your home or family life. Have courage and fortitude, and make a bold statement by changing your residence or rootedness in some significant manner. A vital Fish needs a healthy pond, so make it happen!


Erin Reese is a writer, astrologer, and psychic reader based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She works with clients all over the world. For readings and spiritual counseling by Skype, phone or email, contact her directly. Consider giving your loved one an astrology or psychic tarot consultation. She can be reached at
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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Full Moon Astro-Tarot Forecast – May 14, 2014

Today, and all through this week and into next, we are riding the waves of a Full Moon in the fixed water sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is the Serpent Eagle, the Scorpion and the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

This Full Moon in Scorpio week is about facing Shadow, and rebirth, and transformation. The energy is about eating the poison and transforming it into nectar, or ambrosia. This is apparent in the story of Shiva, god of creation and destruction, drinking the poison (giving him a permanent blue throat) as a sacrifice of real love and truth. It is also the Tantric practice of creating amrita (divine nectar) by directly taking in the poison (unconscious darkness) facing our shadow self and burning through it, rendering us free from the grips of our dark corners – and of others’ projections on us.

What is the shadow? In short, it is the composition of the disowned or unclaimed parts of ourselves, of the Self. These unconscious aspects – usually ugly, shameful, embarrassing, dark – hold power over us so long as we repeatedly turn away. The beautiful thing about shadow is that once we hold the light of awareness to it, bringing it to consciousness, it is no longer dark. By shining the light of the Full Moon via our own courageous looking, directly at the Shadow, it is TRANSFORMED.

It is helpful to viscerally feel any uncomfortable emotions or physical sensations without running, without trying to make it all better. This is a sort of titration – observed gradually and consistently, the blocked (dark) energy can eke out of our system. However, sometimes, it all gets blown out in one fell swoop, e.g. as a shock, disaster, break, or revelation – whatever is needed for the enlightenment of the situation.

It is also helpful to symbolically cleanse or transform the physical environment, your house, car, or your own body, as a symbol of reincarnating the energy into a new form appropriate to the Now of your Life. Move out old relationships, change unhealthy communication patterns. Cleanse the body with a detox program. Compost. But most importantly, LOOK at the Shadow. See it. Then let it reveal what is needed for transmogrification.

Saturn is conjunct this Full Moon in Scorpio today. Strict Sir Saturn rules things that are HARD and require effort. Hence, we are forced (unless we really want to put our heads in the sand and suffer later) to WORK on something Shadowy at this full moon. We’re not meant to sit idly and complain, no. We’re meant to take some sort of action in the World, to change and transform whatever situation is decaying and unhealthy. Apply thyself. Great power lies underneath.

There is nothing wrong with shadow, or dark, unless it is unconscious and running the show like a virus takes over a computer. Be courageously conscious of your own Shadow, and be free.

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Erin Reese’s channeled Astro-Tarot messages
Full Moon in Scorpio
May 14, 2014


After purifying my super-powered Universal Waite Tarot deck and calling upon my guides, here are my channeled messages for the Full Moon in Scorpio: 

UNIVERSAL CARD (for everyone):
Yes, I know, this is a tough card to digest. “The Devil?!” you say. Yes, we are being called on to look at the toughest parts of ourselves at this Full Moon in Scorpio. That which we deny ends up ruling our lives, and not in the purest fashion. Notice how we are in bondage to a thing, person, concept, idea, obligation. Even carrying around extra weight in the body can be a hindrance to en-lightening up. Face it. What about the ways we are indebted to others financially? Scorpio also rules shared finances – deep intimacy on a survival level. Perhaps we need to clean up our money behavior, either in the way we spend or receive it. We can summon the courage to face our addictions, including our addiction to that which is labeled ‘good,’ or ‘just’ or ‘nice.’ Are we stuck on looking good? That will also bite us in the rear eventually.  It is all part of the Whole, so surrender the entirety to What Is, embody reality, and truly be free.
You are feeling so DONE – yes D-O-N-E with some big hassle, drag, or encumbrance in your world. Maybe it’s a situation or set-up that has long lived its course. Now you have a chance to bear the many swords of truth and cut through all the crud that’s been in the way far too long. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of admitting defeat, and the final touches can move on out of your life to make room for a completely new cycle. Be especially aware of any burdens you are giving others financially, or that others are giving you. This is a sticky point during this Full Moon for Aries Rams.
There’s a Grammy-winning pop song on the airwaves by Sara Bareilles called “Brave.” It goes like this: “Say what you wanna say. And let the words fall out. Honestly I wanna see you be brave.” It’s what’s up for you, Taurus. This Full Moon is setting off your house of The Other Person before you. You’re meant to speak up and speak out. All the junk that you normally hold back to keep the peace, well, right now, you have got to let it rip. Write it and say it, here there and everywhere. You are ruled by the throat, Taurus, and your throat chakra needs lubrication. So let the energy fly through your words and clear the Shadow.

This is the second week in a row that your card is the Queen of Cups, sweet Gemini. What is up with that? Well, you’re dehydrated, for one thing. Your body is aching for more liquids. Drink hot lemon water, drink lemonade, drink salt water. And rub oil on your body, too – sesame oil is great to ground Gemini flighty energy. Coconut oil is really hydrating, too. You’ve been burning in the mental realms so much that you have to take a pause to clean your system out. You’re filled with excess air and still haven’t cleaned out the wintery months from your system. The Full Moon falls in your Sixth House of health, hygiene, and habits, so get disciplined and refresh your physical body with detox regimen – with lots of water!

Your shadow piece right now, Cancer, falls in the area of self-expression. You are meant to look at any areas that you might be holding back your talents. You have so much gold hidden underneath that Crab shell and we need you to give it to the World. You will receive your just desserts in return, have no worry. But the next opportunity that comes to you to expose your self to us, well, take it! Do you have a fear of negotiating the right amount of money for your work? That can be remedied now. Just say Yes to more cash in your life, especially from increasing time spent doing that which you absolutely LOVE.

The fun-loving Lion hates to be bummed out for any reason. This is your shadow piece right now. If there is any area in life in which you feel you have a risk of getting depressed, or looking less than fabulous (especially your hair), you will deny that you have such a worry. Then it becomes a big controlling piece of your unconscious. So right now, Leo, you have some unhappiness in your life that is based at home, or concerning ‘home.’ The first healing wave will come when you admit it to yourself and to others that you are sad about it. It’s okay for a cat to have a sad day once in a while. We will fill your bowl with Love for YOU in the meantime!

Sometimes Virgo forgoes diplomacy and tact in an attempt to get to the heart of the matter efficiently. Your talent, in fact, is to make things more efficient and to be grounded and effective. But you have to present your case in a way that others will respond to; otherwise, they will see you as being picky. You can get so much more done in your life right now, Virgo, by speaking your truth with an air of authority AND fairness and kindness. Take pen to paper and list all the things you want to get done, and then make a column of gratitude for the things that you have in life. You’ll see that you are already in such a good position in life. You have a blind spot sometimes, and that is – seeing the other person’s point of view. You must admit you’re not always right and sometimes others know a better way to get something done. When you show us your humility, you’ll win us over immediately!

You’ve been depressed for a while now, Libra. Perhaps you feel like your values are not being respected, or maybe you’re not earning as much as you feel you need. You may have lost something precious and you’re still recovering. Here’s the good news: you are coming out of it! You’re on your way back home… to your Self! You’re doing the work now, making strides to face your fears, your grief, and your sorrows. Of all the signs, you are really taking a hard look at your life in a stronger way. Give it another six days, and you’ll feel back to life and empowered once again. Keep rowing!

You NEED a break, Scorpio Eagle. You’ve been working hard spiritually or physically, and need to rest and integrate all this powerful change that’s been taking place in your life. Can you take a four day weekend? Maybe you can meditate for 10-15 minutes a day. One thing is also important: you need to get horizontal once a day, in the middle of the day, for a minimum of 5-10 minutes. This is going to replenish your energy and renew your spirit. You’re transmuting a lot of karma through the work you’re doing inside and out – this is the gift of Scorpio, turning darkness into light. Be sure you take periodic rest breaks and nourish your heart.
What are you unconsciously manifesting in your world, Archer? You have a beautiful talent for piecing together great wisdom and turning it into a work of art. You need to know what you’re working toward, however. If you look around and see beauty and joyful elements in your world, you can be sure that your unconscious is being regularly purged of shadow. If you look around and see negativity, ugliness, and defensive or unhealthy people, you can bet you have some hard looking to do in the basement of your unconscious. If you need a shaman or a healer to help you dig down there, get one. You have the power to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but so long as you are enchained to destructive patterns, you’ll never get there.

You may be overly concerned with how the members of your family, job, or community view you, Capricorn. This is an image question. You might be addicted to the image of yourself as a responsible, capable, do-it-right member of the team. Well, you’re not beholden to images. You may be less than perfect, and you don’t have to try to constantly look good, or mature or even capable. Your shadow is hiding out in the groups of people you work with and live with. You wouldn’t want people to know that you’re just as lazy as they are once in a while. It’s OK to put your feet up and stop pretending you’re such a workhorse all the time.

Projection is one of the most subtle, tricky forms of shadow. And you may have it right now with regard to your purpose and who you are in the world. If you hear yourself blaming another person for something, or taking their inventory and judging them, “She did this! Can you believe it?” or “He is such a jerk. Do you know what he said?” you might want to examine the contents of your own mind. That person is you, mirrored. How do you heal this projection pattern? By doing the work. On yourself. Not expecting others to change. Be honest about your own sticking points, and clean up after yourself.
It is time for you to plan a late spring or early summer vacation. Where do you want to travel to? This Full Moon falls in your Ninth House of exotic and foreign destinations. Maybe you can’t go abroad, but you can go somewhere that conjures up the feeling of new, different, and stimulating in an expansive manner. Start daydreaming about it, and see what your soul has to say. If you’re reaction is, “I can’t afford it,” or “I could never get the time off of work (or other responsibilities),” then you might have a shadow block here. Why do you feel the need to martyr your life to the fickle, changing external circumstances of the World? Open the goldfish bowl of your mind, Fish, and swim away for a while…

Erin Reese is a writer, astrologer, and psychic reader based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She works with clients all over the world. For readings and spiritual counseling by Skype, phone or email, contact her directly. Consider giving your loved one an astrology or psychic tarot consultation.
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