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New Moon in Cancer - Inner and Outer Home Health

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On Friday, June 27 we welcomed the New Moon in the sensitive and watery, yin sign of Cancer. Cancer is ruled by the Moon Herself. Cancer the Crab wears her home on her back – her crustacean shell surrounds her and protects her soft underbelly. She is literally a home-body.

Of course, this does not mean she never leaves the house, no. Cancer is a cardinal sign – she easily initiates and takes charge, starting new things and blazing new trails in the world. She gets out there and does what is needed, but she must always ensure that invisible aura of protection is in place. Otherwise, she may get overwhelmed without knowing it, a sign she is giving too much to others. Her space gets invaded because she has left herself overly vulnerable. When Cancer gets tromped on – well, that’s when she gets crabby.

At this New Moon time in Cancer, we begin a period of looking within to rediscover where we are most sensitive, where our tender points lie. It is important to Know Thyself, so that we don’t get caught off guard. Depending on where Cancer falls in our astrological birth chart (every single one of us carries the energy of all 12 signs), we find clues as to where we are most giving and nurturing of others – and most vulnerable to getting squashed.

For some, this is particularly a bodily vulnerability – a physical reality. We absorb ‘goodness’ (prana or chi) and ‘badness’ (toxins) from our environment like a sponge. It becomes critical to monitor the health of our home as well as becoming aware of the consciousness of the humans who dwell in it. Tomes can be written about this topic (see: Highly Sensitive People) but the gist is easy to get. The higher the vibration of the home and surroundings, within and without, the healthier we are.
Simple, but not easy.

It can take a long time to come to terms with the importance of our environs, and it’s a gradual process toward implementing change to support our well-being. A happy home (body, dwelling, foundational relationship), says Cancer, practically guarantees a happy life. This is why Cancer rules the Fourth House in astrology – our deepest psychological and physical roots. Whatever is happening in the natal chart or via transit in the Fourth House (the Nadir, the southernmost point of the chart) gives us great clues as to how we are faring, and what we are up to, in the symbolic and actual foundation of our being.


Some of the areas of life we may want to look at during the New Moon in Cancer, to give ourselves a home health checkup, might include: 

1.       Growing Things
Does your home or office have something alive in it? This can be a simple cactus plant on your desk (if you’re not much of a green thumb) or a basil sprig growing in the kitchen. You may decide to buy more fresh flowers to enliven your space. Or you can start growing your own food. Kale, for example, is a year-round crop that takes hardly any maintenance. 

2.        Pets
Having a cat, dog, or even a goldfish can add good energy to your space. A Cancer pal of mine who has a new puppy learned that dogs help people process their emotions. I find that the dog of my housemate has become one of my best friends: I take him out for a 5k run four days a week – we both benefit greatly as the serotonin floods my brain and the Labrador sprints through the meadow, sniffing everything in sight. Cats have always been tremendously powerful companions in my life – and they require much less attention than dogs. 

3.       Food
 I’m a fan of organic food, which at the end of the day is really about the same price as conventional in the sense that I’m so much more nourished per bite, I actually eat less. And it tastes so much better. Still, I can’t always afford fair-trade, local, super-duper organic food. I do my best and let my eyes and nose decide what things I must absolutely have in the cupboard. The most important thing is that the food we buy is ‘high vibration.’ If you haven’t already, start noticing how some food, particularly that which has tons of packaging or looks like it’s been made to survive in a disaster zone, probably lacks aliveness and easily assimilable nutrients.

If you’re not a cook, consider getting a NutriBullet or VitaMix (or even a normal blender) and whipping up a green drink in the morning. You can down a lot of spinach, kale, cilantro or parsley when it’s hiding within some juice and protein powder. I also add flax oil and raw cacao – basically anything that’s screaming my name in the mornings. I call it “kitchen sink smoothie.” 

4.       Quiet – Consider turning off the computer, television, and radio. Listen to the sound of the wind, the trees, the hummingbirds and your own heartbeat. Less sensory input instantly reduces stress on the body-mind. Unplug electronics when possible. Remove yourself at least two or three times a day from the computer and phone. Sit or walk outside or stare out the window if you can’t get out of doors. EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) muck up the psychic airwaves, disturb sleep, and need to be detoxed like everything else we put in, or through, our bodies. 

5.       What We’re Watching
No matter if the acting or writing is excellent, sometimes the shows on TV or the blockbuster movies we frequent are, frankly, toxic. Is it really necessary to watch so much backstabbing, violence, and cruelty? I know – sometimes it’s really intriguing and entertaining. I’ve found, though, that especially before sleeping time, watching shows about sick or mean people can be disruptive to my mental health and disturb my rest. I’m not saying that we’re resigned to watching Bambi or Flipper, but a little awareness here goes a long way. 

6.       Humans
Are the folks in your immediate sphere dragging you down? Whether it’s a roommate or a family member, you can do a lot to raise the vibration of the whole household by modeling good living and kind words and attitude. You can also feed family members healthier food and watch their crankiness dissipate and their health improve, helping the whole family thrive. Boundaries are also vital to protecting your vulnerability. For example, did you know that going to bed by 10 p.m. radically improves sleep quality? Thus, if your partner is a night owl and you know you need to get your beauty rest, don’t worry: settle into the nest when it’s best for you and lovingly kiss them good night. Soon, they might follow suit.

The list of tips to improve your inner and outer home health is endless. This is just a starter conversation!
Leave your ideas in the Comments section below and share with the rest of us! We’d love to hear!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Full Moon Astro-Tarot Forecast - June 12, 2014

Full Moon in Sagittarius
June 12, 2014

This week, peaking Thursday June 12, we are feeling the expansive growth tugs caused by the pulsing Full Moon in the fiery, inspirational, seeking sign of Sagittarius, the Archer. The key phrase I’ve chosen for this Full Moon is EXPANSION OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Wherever the Moon falls in your chart (email me for a special-priced astrological mini-reading if you like) is where you are meant to GROW BIGGER IN YOUR LIFE.

Is this expansion always yummy, juicy, comfy or joyful? No, of course not. If you imagine a tree sloughing off old bark as it grows bigger, or roots ripping through new ground in the earth, you can imagine that sometimes it hurts a bit before it bears fruit. Firing up new brain waves, like those roots finding new pathways to expand your consciousness, may not always be the most comfortable of illuminations. Real wisdom is hard earned.
But that’s what the Universe is calling forth now.

Click to enlarge - Full Moon June 12, 2014
We are still feeling the effects of April/May’s grand cardinal cross of evolution wherein it’s become clear that NO ONE is immune to far-reaching life ch-ch-ch-changes. June’s Full Moon asks us to become visionaries once again to welcome what is urging you to grow on a deep soul level. If it's painful, try to be optimistic if possible. One spiritual adage says, “It’s best not to think [believe your thoughts]. But if you must think, think positive.” Realize that Life does have your best interests at heart, even if something feels really FOREIGN (another Sagittarius trait), and therefore uncomfortable at first. Odd and strange can be experienced as exciting with a tiny shift in perspective.

Perhaps your relationship contracts need updating in order to allow a bigger definition of what you and your partner are attempting to build together (Full Moon in Sagittarius in the Seventh House). If the Full Moon is lighting up your Tenth House of career, maybe you’re meant to start educating your ‘public’ more – teach the wisdom you have embodied – and in so doing, you’ll grow that area of your life. No matter what, Sag does not want things to get boring or stagnant.

The very lifeblood of Sagittarius, the Archer, is nourished by ADVENTURE and EXPLORATION OF NEW TERRITORY. This doesn’t mean it has to be literal territory (though long-distance travel and long journeys are part of the Archer’s repertoire). You could be learning through intense study of a new protocol to help you grow your business, or researching alternative ways of parenting or pregnancy. The trick is, whatever area of life the Full Moon is shining upon for you, it should be ultimately leading to more FREEDOM in that area. Does that mean we bolt and run from our responsibilities? Not usually. Sagittarius is big-picture viewing and carries the wisdom to know the difference.

If we have to commit to more structure or accountability in the short-term (few weeks or even a few years) to ensure greater freedom on the long term, Sag visioning can help us see that and inspire us to work toward that vision. A perfect example of this is a 55-year old who has been working at their stable government job for twenty years and is offered a chance to take early retirement. They are super tired of their role and are chomping at the bit to start a new leaf, travel around the world, etc. However, if they stay for just five more years, they’ll get a full pension for the rest of their life. What choice do you think they will make?

Another example is hanging in there with an alternative living situation for a year or two in order to save for a dream house. Maybe we live with a parent for a short time, or with housemates; it’s a bit odd to us – foreign to our consciousness up to this point – but a DEEPER KNOWING aka WISDOM nudges us to do it, for the longer-term freedom we are shooting for.

Sagittarius can give us INSPIRATION to cross that finish line for A BIGGER DEAL, just a little bit later. Think big, think long-term, and have the guts to fire your arrow far and wide!
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Erin Reese’s channeled Astro-Tarot messages

Full Moon in Sagittarius
June 12, 2014

After purifying my trusty Universal Waite Tarot deck and calling upon my guides, here are my channeled messages for the Full Moon in Sagittarius!

UNIVERSAL CARD (for everyone):

Wands represent the element of fire, and fire is the element of the Sagittarius Centaur-Archer. We need the flames of inspiration, courage, gusto to move us into the next chapter of our lives. We know we are being asked to evolve, to change and grow now. Remember the helpful Serenity Prayer at this time: “God(dess), grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the COURAGE to CHANGE the things I can, and the WISDOM to know the difference.” We can practice good leadership and self-hood when we stand tall in our own trustworthy authority like a benevolent monarch and make far-reaching, inspired decisions and stand by them. Others will feel our warmth and sincerity and support us in our endeavors, backed by the maturity of big-picture, visionary thinking. Lead with your long-term view!

It’s time for you to give back to your friends, family and community. We need your passion and drive, Aries. We need you to share with us the hard-earned wisdom you’ve gained by committing fearlessly to your personal truth. Have you forgotten that others may not have such abundance of power or might? You have enough to spare. Spread it around, lest it burn you up or make you hot-headed – sure signs you’re holding back unnecessarily. Give it away!

Some people think Taurus moves slow in life, plodding along like a milking cow with all the time in the world at her disposal to graze in the meadow. What folks may not see is that she has a plan and it takes a long time. This has a special application for the Bull now with regard to long-term investments of money, property and shared resources. You may have a download in your head right now about how to make it all come together over the next three, five, ten and twenty years. Trust it. You’re on the right track and this IS your destined calling.

A Gemini without a clear, inspired vision is sometimes known as a scatterbrain! Is this how you’re feeling right now? No one can blame the Twins for feeling cluttered in the mind – what with all the technology and information overload and busy-ness in our world these days, it’s a wonder you’re grounded at all. Your ruling planet, Mercury, is retrograde all of June, so take particular care to back up your data and keep your files and belongings in order. The key for you is to NOT MULTITASK. I know, saying that to a Gemini is like telling ice not to melt in hell. But we can always strive for focus for just a few more minutes at a time. It will help!

Are you feeling run down, Crabbikins? I’m sorry. I know that this early summer hustle is quite a lot to contend with. If you’re like most Crabs, you’ve got a lot of family obligations – Father’s Day, barbecues, graduations, street fairs, and – don’t forget! – your own birthday coming up! It may be feeling like too much and this could drain your health quickly if you’re not careful. Luckily, you’ve got a lot of support to take it one tiny minute at a time. Eat your veggies and tune up your Vita-Mix and you’ll be just fine. You may be tired, but you’ll make it through June!

GOOD NEWS for the king/queen of the jungle! You’re about to take a trip this summer, and this Full Moon in Sagittarius is helping you put the finer details on your journey. Let it inspire you! You need to go somewhere exotic, even if that’s a new part of the state. Ideally you’ll cross water or deserts or continents if you can. Otherwise, be sure to sign up for some summer school seminars that will keep you engaged and learning. Travel is on the horizon and you are going to have a great time. Let it be all about YOU.

Virgo, you feel good and happy and invigorated at all the abundance that Life is giving you. If you don’t yet – try making a Gratitude List of at least 10 things that you are grateful for. You’ll see that even if your life is not perfect right now, if you really look at your state of being, it’s pretty darn good, isn’t it? Let the joy of clean air and water, fresh food, nature, laughter of children, and blue skies fill your heart. All it takes is a tiny adjustment in perspective to see that you are living a miracle of love.

It is very important for you, the Sign of the Scales, to keep a balanced mind. The word for this is equanimity. If you indulge in negative thinking or harsh self-talk, Libra, the whole lot of your life falls into a depressed heap as the scales tip away from your favor. If you need to walk away from old concepts or belief systems in order to get back into a healthy relationship with yourself, do it. It’s time to move on. Be especially vigilant when examining words you use to communicate with your self or others. Align yourself with positive people and higher vibration environments. That will help a lot!

Your biggest source of spiritual wealth these days, Scorpio, is your COMMUNITY. That means your chosen family, and that may or may not be comprised of your family of origin. You have so many riches in your neighborhood as well as your virtual network. This can all be cultivated now into a long-term vision that will bear financial fruits. Stability is the name of the game for you. What material things do you need to manifest over the next 2 to 3 years in order to feel completely and utterly supported? Implement now. Be sure to include meditation groups or yoga community or other gatherings of soulful people into your world.

Are you feeling exposed this week, dear Archer? You are so courageous and unafraid to speak and live your truth. Sometimes, this brings painful revelations about yourself, your Life, another person or the world. This is a gift that you carry: you are, more than other signs, able to live with the heart of a peaceful warrior. You can always keep the highest truth of compassion, love, and real wisdom in the foremost of your powerful mind. This keeps you open to receive, and to express yourself fully. I am sorry that sometimes brings a bit of pain, like a pinprick to the heart. Let these honest discoveries pierce you through and through to deepen your connection to Spirit and Soul.

Don’t forget the power of amazing friends in your life. You need to kick up your heels with your buddies, and soon. Try to make time over the next couple of weeks to get together with souls who uplift your heart. It doesn’t matter what you do: go dancing, listen to music, walk in a garden, laugh over tea – simply set up a play date. You can get so busy with responsibilities and doing the right thing in your life that you forget a huge source of wealth and riches: those you love outside of your family. Spread the joy around!

The Star is YOUR card, Aquarius! It represents you, the Water Bear, pouring buckets of innovative consciousness all over humanity. That is your job, and your birthright. You would not be happy sitting idly and watching the life go on as it ever way, same-same. No, you’re here to transform your generation. Speak up and speak out when you see something that is outdated and no longer working. A lesser known fact of Aquarius’ nature is that you are really turned on by making the world more efficient. When you see a piece of your community that is clearly old-hat, you lose energy and vitality UNLESS you step in and help to initiate change. That is where you shine!
You are far more powerful than many people give you credit for. That is because you don’t flaunt your courage, strength, and guts. You live through soft strength. If others misinterpret your sensitivity as weakness, they are in for a surprise when you show up with all of your might like a Mama Bear protecting her real or Inner Child. Pisces, you are so on the right track of self-care and nurturing the most important parts of you: your heart and soul, mind and body. Keep practicing radical acts of self-nurturing. Others in your life will benefit, too.
Erin Reese is a writer, astrologer, and psychic reader based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She works with clients all over the world. For readings and spiritual counseling by Skype, phone or email, contact her directly. Consider giving your loved one an astrology or psychic tarot consultation.

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