Sunday, November 17, 2013

Full Moon Astro-Tarot Forecast, November 17, 2013

Today (7:16 a.m. PT), we are feeling the healing, sensual rays of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the fixed earth sign of Taurus.

Love what you have...

This is the Full Moon time of fertility and abundance in the patient and pleasurable tone of Taurus. This lunar eclipse is ruled by the goddess Venus, ruler of values, things and principles that we hold dear. Loving what we have is sometimes easier said than done, right? Let's take a moment to appreciate our lives fully, lest we forget how prosperous and lucky we really are.

For seven years, I lived part-time in India, a land of obvious "have nots." In India, one quickly learns that your health is your wealth and simple existence is ENOUGH. To me, this is true abundance consciousness. How can we have this same consciousness in the western, developed world? Do we fall in to the trap of consumer consciousness, also known as "wanting" consciousness?
Why is it so easy to forget that we have enough? Perhaps it is the human condition that forgets the divine state of affairs, knowing that all is ultimately provided for in the cosmic big picture.

There Is Enough

I love the mantra, "There is enough time, there is enough love, there is enough money. There is enough." Think about it: you have the time to sit and read an astrological forecast today, on a computer or smart phone that belongs to you, in the luxury of your own home, apartment, car, or office. Look how rich you already are!

An easy trick to keep your inner cup flowing over and your mind filled with riches is the simple GRATITUDE LIST. To truly love what you have is to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. If you ever find yourself sitting on a "poor me" pity pot, try quickly jotting down a list of things you can be grateful for. It's also a great daily practice. Here's one of mine, right off the bat:

1. excellent health
2. supportive friends, family and community
3. my Beloved
4. cats, dogs, furry friends
5. a warm, cozy bed
6. clothes on my back
7. a roof over my head
8. good food in the cupboards
9. Nature and walks in fresh air
10. creative and fulfilling work

Try it now. Make a quick list off the top of your head of at least 10 things that you are grateful for. Don't think too much! Share it below in the comments section - anonymously if you like - we'd love to hear! 

At this luxury-toned full moon eclipse in Taurus, let us remember that we have all that we need, including the means to ask for things and help from others if necessary. Learning to be grateful, to love what we have, is the key to true fulfillment and lasting joy.

Now, without further ado, let us look at how this Full Moon cycle is affecting you!

Erin Reese’s channeled Astro-Tarot messages at this Full Moon in Taurus, November 17, 2013:
After purifying the Voyager Tarot deck and calling upon my guides and the Goddess, here are my channeled messages. Tip: be sure to read for your Moon and Rising Sign, too! CARD (for everyone):

We may need to unload a bit in order to let up-to-date abundance in. What are we still holding onto that has become totally and completely unnecessary? Maybe it's time to do a little Fall Clearing. What photos, artwork, memorabilia are you clinging to that represents a time long ago, yet has become totally irrelevant to who you are today? Outdated material objects can get to be an energy drain, not to mention take up valuable real estate or bandwidth in our brains. Free yourself, your mind and your closets up to make room for new growth. You're going to need to break the dam! Take a risk and recycle your junk. Give it away, get rid of it and let go. Your energy levels and creative flow will quickly rise again.

Dear Ram, you are about to be turned on by a big bright idea. What's the value of a major "A-ha!" moment? Priceless. Expect the dawn of understanding to illuminate your life. Trust that the major flash of insight you're having is spot on; it is the crux of a new beginning. Let it be your guiding light. Your mind can be so penetrating and effective when it's focused.

Beautify your life, babe-alicious Bull! Use the resources you have on hand, including your talents and innate gifts, to add splendor, color, and joy to your environment. Now is the time to play with your home, wardrobe, kitchen cabinets, or website. You have all you need already - no need to go out and buy more stuff. Use a dash of this, a splash of that to create a material expression of love in your life.
Juiciness and joy enter the fold at this Full Moon for the airy Twin. Ride your waves of pleasure in body, mind and soul. Express your bliss on the dance floor, boardroom or bedroom. You've got the goods now, jubilant Gem, to flourish and relish. This Full Moon is about being more outrageous and turned on by life itself.
Crab, you've hit your mark recently, and you know you can achieve any goal you set your mind to. Since you've worked so hard to climb to the top of the mountain, why stop there? Now, let it develop and expand further before you start over completely. It's not the time to reinvent the wheel; bloom where you're currently planted. In the past, out of fear you may have stopped yourself when you've reached a creative peak. Not this time: go bigger. The sky's the limit and you're at the top of your game. Use it or lose it!
Leo, the Little Kid inside of you needs new stimulation! At the Full Moon, you will be exposed to fresh ways you can share with the children in your life, or the kid within you. Take yourself (or them) to a new course or seminar. Sit patiently to learn a new skill, game, or language. Teach someone how to build a tree house or balance a checkbook. You, dear Lion, will always be a kid at heart, and learning new skills (or teaching them to others) keeps you ever young and vibrant!
Completion is here! You are finally integrating the life chapter you've been working through for a very long time, Virgo. While it's true you'll never be entirely "complete," don't let perfectionism stop you from enjoying the results you've finally gotten. Life is an endless cycle of endings and beginnings, and right now you're in a completion mode of one big chapter. Dot the final i's and cross the last t's, then be sure to celebrate. V is for Virgo, and V is for victory at this Full Moon time. Finally, one huge project is o-vah!

Your money and scarcity worries will always get in your way of loving, Libra. Remember that this is stemming from fear that you'll never be enough or have enough to beautify your life or make things as pleasant as you want. Learn to practice the art of Enough. Trust that if you negotiate well with others, you'll be provided for and you will have plenty. You don't need to walk on eggshells; speak up and justice will prevail to deliver the goods appropriately.


This card serves as a reminder for you, Scorpio, to let go of any demands you are making of others. Remember that an expectation is a setup for disappointment, which leads to poisonous resentment. Maybe your loved one, boss, or employee is not behaving as you think they should. They may be less disciplined than you, or even less strong. Likely, they are less willful than you - you're the #1 Survivor in the Zodiac. Try to focus on what they do offer your life, such as love, affection, friendship, and acceptance of being perfectly imperfect.

Did you know that one of the toughest traits that a Sag has to live with is their own arrogance? Yes, the Archer can be a bit of a pompous know-it-all, even if it is hidden behind a jovial veneer. Be careful to listen to others' POV, or they may decide that you're being a real buzzkill. So what if the folks at parties aren't as smart and intellectual as you? Maybe they don't have that massive Big Picture view that you are gifted with. Try to remember that everyone - even those less intelligent than you - deserves respect. You'll catch more bees with honey than vinegar. Emanate encouragement.

Keep your mind balanced, Cappy. We are coming up on a kooky time of year - the Holy-Daze - and things are easily thrown off track and out of whack. With all the responsibility you take on, you could get overwhelmed. Meditate, even if it's for just two minutes a day. If you keep your mind balanced and working like a finely tuned instrument, you'll have a lot more energy and peace in the heart.
You need a time-out, Water Bearer. You've been buzzing around the stratosphere for many moons now, and you've probably been spending far too much time on the computer and on your phone. The electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) are piling up in your aura and you need to clear that brilliant brain of yours. Your nervous system needs rest. Even if it's just an overnight, try to get at least 24-48 hours of time away from the Internet. Spend more time amongst trees and nature. Get yourself to a spa or sauna. You'll have so much more to give your self and your loved ones during the holidays.

It's a wonderful time for you to replenish your connection to your spiritual practices, Fish. Of all signs, you're the most naturally 'hooked up' to Spirit, but even you need a wee bit of discipline to keep the divine hearth burning. Add a touch of structure and accountability to your life. Ask yourself what spiritual principle or value you need to cultivate, e.g. honesty, service, prayer, truth - and let it start to light up your life from the inside out.,_Millstone_and_Cistern_Under_Trees.JPG/767px-Paul_Cezanne-_Well,_Millstone_and_Cistern_Under_Trees.JPG

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  1. Thank you, Erin!

    Here's mine:

    1. all my fingers & toes.
    2. breath
    3. freedom to create
    4. family and friends who are so loving & supportive
    5. a biomat!
    6. running hot water, gas heat, and a fridge
    7. beautiful clothes to adorn myself with
    8. gifts and talents to share
    9. support & love from Spirit
    10. beautiful, fresh flowers on my table

  2. Thanks Erin for the reminder. We do indeed lead incredibly abundant lives, but it's easy to overlook and forget and get caught up in the "I must have..." world!

    My list:
    1. loving supportive family and friends
    2. unforeseen opportunity
    3. time to relax
    4. good health
    5. sunshine and fresh air
    6. wonderful food
    7. creativity
    8. a beautiful new day
    9. Universal direction
    10. a hot cuppa!

  3. teachers
    my didi !
    meditation and dance
    the pleasures of the senses
    warm gloves
    having gotten a LOT of things done well
    being 52 and loving it
    connected conversations

  4. 1. my health
    2. connectedness with my Beloved
    3. a good laugh
    4. shared experiences
    5. amazement at simple things
    6. holding 5 ideas at once, even if contradictory
    7. freshly laundered sheets
    8. the view of the City in the morning
    9. a good meal
    10. patting my stomach afterwards