Sunday, January 10, 2016

New Moon in Capricorn: Moving Mountains

The New Moon in Capricorn this weekend hits us like a ton of bricks as we also kick off the real start of the New Year. It’s as if the planets are saying, “Wake up, sleepyhead! It’s 2016 already. People, we’ve got work to do!”

I don’t know about you, but I could have used a bit more holiday.

So many persistent planets are pounding on the door – Sun, Moon, Pluto, and Mercury retrograde all teamed up in Capricorn, clamoring for us to get a move on. It’s like a parent trying to wake up the sleepy teenager after winter break. Pillow over head. Shades drawn. Mom raps on the door… “Time to get up. Go back to school. There’s homework. And don’t forget your chores. And your extracurricular activities. And don’t forget, next weekend we’re going to visit Aunt Sally and we need to go buy a new shirt. Dad’s birthday is tomorrow. Feed the dog.” And, and, and…

And it’s Mercury Retrograde (until January 25). So double-check details and exercise caution with contracts. Mix-ups are possible so remember to dot your t's and cross your i's. (See what I mean?)

How do we handle this push, especially if we are highly sensitive individuals or introverts and require far more than average amount of down time?

Long-Term Priorities

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, reminding us that we need and desire long-term stability, safety, security - and we must take the initiative to get it. Capricorn is a practical sign, asking us to work toward “things that last.” It’s about leaving our legacy. What will we leave behind? What will live on long after we’ve left the planet? What will future generations say about us?

We review our priorities. We focus on things that are not necessarily urgent but are vital - over time. This helps us to chunk down larger projects, where we do not see results right away but in perhaps two years, three years, ten years – we will see how our experience and efforts will benefit others.

This in itself is fulfilling. It’s the timeless Zen teaching, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step (Lao Tzu).” We start where we are, and we do not get overwhelmed. The peak of Everest is far too difficult to imagine. But we can muster putting one foot in front of the other. Slowly, we see the crest come into sight.

Yes, it’s an overwhelming New Moon with everything happening at once. It’s as if 2016 shot out of the “work and leadership” cannon, and we have more responsibilities and projects than we know what to do with. Hang in there. By the Full Moon in Leo on January 23, we likely will have something to show for it -  the first tiny glimpse that the way is being cleared and our efforts are bearing fruit. By the end of January, when Capricorn gives way to Aquarius, perhaps we will feel more playful and energized by the projects that are currently overwhelming us.

But for the next two weeks, we have to trudge and slog and keep our noses to the grindstone. Think hard about the long-term goals you are striving toward on your mountaintop. Remind yourself why you’re doing it. Find meaning in your efforts. Take lots of rest breaks. Get outside and breathe fresh air. Cook yummy meals, laugh with friends. Zone out with a movie or novel for a couple hours. And plan a spring or summer getaway to keep you inspired through the hard work ahead. The seeds that you are sowing in January will pay off for many moons to come. For many, 2016 is going to be a year of moving mountains. Remember, think long-term. 

"Don't be a horse race. Be a marathon.
And don't fear the long road,
because on the long road you got time
to sing a simple song."
~ Michael Franti, "Never Too Late"

Erin Reese is an author, spiritual guide, astrologer, and modern psychic reader based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She works with clients all over the world. For readings and spiritual counseling by Skype, phone or email, contact her directly. She can be reached at


  1. hitting the nail on the head! just the word of encouragement needed!:)

  2. Glad you said all that, I have been feeling "stuck" in the energy of 2016 so far. I look forward to being able to move again at the end of the month. Thanks Erin!

  3. Mareesa and Marg - you are both welcome. I'm so glad you're enjoying the posts. Keep on trudgin'! The view will be grand from higher up. Happy New Year!