Saturday, November 11, 2017

It's High-Scorpio Season: Plunge the Depths and Commit

We are knee-deep in Scorpio, fixed water sign of the serpent eagle, the phoenix, the scorpion. Even folks who are used to living with intensity find that high Scorpio-season stirs up the deepest, often the darkest emotions to be dealt with. It is a time to fear not. Face the shadows. Trust the transformation that wants – needs – to happen in your world. It’s time to plunge the depths.

I know it is scary. I know that Scorpio time can bring us to our knees. We want to hold onto the old way, the way that feels safe. But “safe” eventually turns on us. If we do not allow Consciousness to unfold in our bodies, minds, hearts, souls, it stagnates and becomes toxic. Scorpio wants us to transform poison into nectar. We face our demons, our bugaboos, the things we dread. We must actualize our potential. And at this time, this more than likely involves INTIMACY.

This means, we have to go deeper into “you and me,” and how we affect each other on core, survival levels. We may have to talk about finances (big money!). We may have to reveal - to ourselves and another - our sexual edges, taboos, the ‘verboten.’ We may have to commit to difficult actions that require self-sacrifice. We plunge deeper in order to fulfill our need for deep psychological development and growth.

In short, we may have to GO THERE.

As we gear up for the Scorpio New Moon (Saturday, November 18), we are also building on a very special conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in Scorpio, exact on Monday November 13. I believe the joining of these two benefactors, Jupiter-Zeus and Venus-Aphrodite, is bringing us each a new superpower. Ultimately, this cosmic meeting is revealing a deeper power of LOVE. Love that goes beyond culture, beyond conditions, beyond what we thought was possible.

In order to realize this superpower, however, we must COMMIT.

What do you need to commit to at this time, with not only your heart and mind, but with your BODY and BEING? Going into the grit now reveals that the power of love and commitment is a major transformational force. It will give you bravery, a strength beyond that which you’ve ever known. You will have a fierceness and resolve to do that which must be done, to realize your greatest potential. You may have to become more responsible to your self, your profession, your child, your partner, your bank account, your body. You will have to tolerate and work with more intensity in this area of life than you previously knew was possible. And as a result, this area of life will be completely empowered. GO THERE.

Let’s see what you’ve got.

Where are the Jupiter-Venus conjunction and New Moon occurring in your personal chart? Check to see which houses! The Jupiter-Venus conjunction November 13, 3:15 a.m. is at 7 degrees Scorpio, and the New Moon in Scorpio November 18, 3:42 a.m. PT is at 26 degrees Scorpio. Contact Erin directly here for a personal consultation and astro-intuitive guidance.

Erin Reese, Master of Science in Counseling is an author, spiritual teacher, and modern psychic reader based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She works with clients all over the world.

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