Friday, December 15, 2017

New Moon in Sagittarius: Commit to Your Spirit!

 "Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars."
~ Casey Kasem, American Top 40

This Sunday night, December 17, we have a New Moon in the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius, the Archer. Most of us have been feeling the buildup to this lunation for a while - that feeling that something big, something new is bubbling up in our lives. What makes it extra juicy is that we are simultaneously stretched, pulled toward our greatest visions of expansion and growth – hallmarks of Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius – AND challenged by restrictive Saturn at the same time.

We are in the last few days of Saturn’s journey through Sagittarius: the godfather of worldly work and karma finally moves into his home sign of Capricorn on December 19. But! Just before he settles into earthier climes of Cappy, he has to make his Big Point by forcing us to COMMIT. In the tone of fiery Sag, we must take a firm stand for what we need to grow toward in body, mind, and especially spirit.
Reaching for the Stars - and Meeting Them!
I love the energies afoot. Things feel titillating and challenging, zealous and huge, while at the same time achievable and grounded and real. I love that we are called to commit to flying high, to going above and beyond our previous limits, while being forced to have an action plan. To take a stand. To show up and suit up, set goals, and be realistic.

What does it look like to have our spirit tell us we must shoot for the moon, while keeping one foot on the ground? Quite simply put, it means: results! We don’t just reach for the stars… we actually reach the stars!

Atop 30 Rock. Rockefeller Plaza, NYC December 2017
But First! Weed Out What's In the Way

With Jupiter’s October 2017 entry into depth-intensity-intimacy-oriented Scorpio, we know we have to have the uncomfortable conversations with ourselves, our teams, our loved ones in order to thrive; the only alternative is to deteriorate. Whatever is toxic, poison, or unhealthy has to come up this year and be purged. So look at it this way: if you have to have a revealing conversation with your boss, your spouse, your therapist about the hardest thing, the issue that may have shame, or guilt, or terror – there’s your answer. You need to get it up and out – expose it in a way that feels safe and healthy for you of course – in order to find your true freedom. You must heed that call now; you want your Star Foundation to be built on healthy ground.

Now: Commit with Clarifying Conversations

Stern Saturn’s conjunction to this New Moon brings a strong tone of responsibility. Not coincidentally, in German, Stern means "star." Language reveals that lasting, bright star quality requires gravitas and authenticity! You owe it to yourself and to Life to speak up, use your words, and make tougher calls.

For many, Saturn is separating the wheat from the chaff and forcing us to eliminate anything holding us back. Another way this could show up is in having clarifying conversations. This could range from anything to the infamous DTR ("define the relationship") conversation between lovers, to having hard talks at work about responsibilities and duties, to financial discussions with family members that may at first seem uncomfortable, but will actually feel refreshing and liberating.

Whatever you take a stand for at this New Moon of Sagittarius will have far-reaching effects. Aim high. If you show a willingness to roll up your sleeves, to have difficult conversations, and trust your calling, you will be supported by Sir Saturn. You will be gifted with a solid scaffolding to build your dream, and you will REALize your greatest visions. Your spirit will thank you.

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost;
that is where they should be.
Now put the foundations under them. 
~ Henry David Thoreau

"Go Ask Alice" - Central Park NYC, December 2017

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