Monday, December 14, 2020

New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius: Intergalactic Evolutionary Shift

we have a new moon total solar eclipse in the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius, the truth-telling seeker. I’ve been looking forward to this eclipse; it’s giving everyone the simultaneous space and energetic oomph to prepare for the next VERY BIG event on December 21, the great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in the sign of Aquarius.

I have some information to share with you regarding this eclipse that is bordering on airy-fairy. For shame! Still, I can’t deny it – I must come out of the closet a bit more. I’m going to use words like ascension, paradigm, and dimension. Remember, these are just words used to describe evolutionary shifts in consciousness. I don’t really want to use them either, but I’ve not yet come up with new words yet, even as a Gemini Rising and Gemini Moon. For now, bear with me and by all means, CHECK with yourself to see if what I am sharing resonates with you. If not, throw it out.

Many if not most of you will have heard some of these things already, especially over the past year. I’m particularly writing this for those folks who have been on the cusp of understanding this shift, in themselves and others, but maybe need a bit more encouragement to “go there,” and accept what is happening.

This week, with the eclipse energy permeating our very cells, we are in preparation for the upcoming 12/21 conjunction. THIS WEEK it is important to release, release, release any contracts, relationships, old belief systems, concepts that are old and outdated. You may find that you need to go within more this week. You may find that you need more quiet, space, time off. You may naturally eat cleaner foods like soups, dals, broths as you’re lightening up. Drink more water, get fresh air.

Everything and anything that you can release, wrap up, say farewell to, is great THIS WEEK.


Because on 12/21, with the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, we need to be ready to take in all of the new light-filled information and consciousness that is about to flood the planet. This is a MAJOR SHIFT for humanity. It is NOT political. I repeat: this is NOT political. Those who are in tune to this evolutionary shift reside or will reside primarily outside of the old societal landscape, on an energetic plane. We are ending the OLD – the Capricorn traditional systems, infrastructures, and calcified belief systems.

We are shifting into an intergalactic, interdimensional frame of consciousness. This is literally rewiring our light bodies, our DNA if you will. We will no longer be functioning in same perceived realm of cause and effect. Some folks call this switching from 3D into 5D – that’s fine, it’s just a label. Some folks call it moving from ego consciousness to Divine Consciousness, some say “ascending,” some folks say “awakening.” No matter what you call it – what is important, is to feel it, to live it, to trust it.

This is thrilling stuff, and it is going to take some awareness on your part, especially for the next 2-3 weeks. Some of you might feel more grounded than others. Some might feel completely “off planet.” These are the stages we can expect (and you can see where you are personally – some of you have already gone through all of them, or may be just beginning – no matter):

  • Preparation and Release of Old
  • Allowing and Trusting
  • Receiving the New Information and Energy
  • Experiencing and Embodying
  • Integrating and Stabilizing
  • Living Fully in New Dimension   

When I speak of the difference between 3D and 5D, or ego vs. divine consciousness if you will, envision before you two different railroad tracks. You might be flip-flopping back and forth between tracks. You’ll feel it start to get more and more uncomfortable, until eventually, you’ll shift into full-time 5D awareness, stabilizing on the new track.

The thing is, your body-mind has to come along with all of this. Some of the symptoms you might experience are:

-          Dizziness, vertigo

-          Pressure changes in the head

-          Kundalini activity (shaking, bouncing, quivering)

-          Sensitivity to sounds and different pitches

-          Changes in visual perception

-          Changes in taste, smell, skin sensitivity

-          Sleep disturbances (don’t fret, it won’t last)

-          These are just a few possibilities. You might find that you need to STAY WARM, you might need to cool off. You might need celibacy, or you might need more sexual activity. Listen to your body, and give it whatever it needs right now; this will help the process.

Why is this happening? I am not keen on the word why, because it invites the mind to cling and identify. The answer is – because it’s necessary, simple as that. It is because Life has a need for it. Evolution.

Is there a reason, an intention, a trajectory? Sure, we can easily make up a story around this. But stories are often traps, so hold them lightly.

Saturn and Jupiter – Grand Conjunction in Aquarius (and Meditation) 12/21

The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter occurs at 10:20 a.m. Pacific on Monday, December 21. (The actual Winter Solstice occurs at 2:02 a.m. PT that day.) I am going to host a free 45-minute meditation on Zoom at 10am Pacific on Monday, 12/21 – please reply to this email and let me know if you would like to attend. I will leave the Zoom room open for folks to enter/leave easily and quietly, so you may stay as long or briefly as you like.

This dance of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius is very exciting to me, a native Water Bearer who was literally born for this.

Last night I was moving a ton of kundalini energy through my system; I felt like I was channeling between earth and sky for all of humanity, moving it out, moving it out. It went on and on; I finally had to take a break, and I knew I could because I’d be telling you about this, and you can now start to move this energy through your body-mind yourself.

I had the feeling there could be an earthquake in the next few weeks. NOT TO BE AFRAID. The earthquake very well could be INTERNAL.

Allow the earth energy to come up into the body, into the root chakra.

You may also simultaneously, before this or at a different time this week, notice old energy draining out your legs, down through your feet, into the earth.

We are moving out old, calcified Capricorn energy. We need to make space for Aquarius now. (This is not a dig on Capricorn energy – eventually we’ll let go of Aquarius, too (it all goes into the Piscean noumenon of Oneness, until it will begin again)… It’s what’s here now…)

Again, allow structures, beliefs, shoulds and ought-tos, political and social constructs, responsibilities that don’t belong to you, financial paradigms etc. etc. to drain away. They are being lifted.

You may become aware of a new form of protection – like a super-sized spacesuit – which is actually more of an aura – that will shield us instantly at any time we need it. Sensitives may be able to feel this in their energy field already. A spacesuit of light that is strong and impermeable to the false, to harmful limiting beliefs.

You may find that a friendship or job relationship or partnership ends – no worries. You may also find that physical items want to be purged. You might start losing weight easily. You might finish up tasks that have been weighing on you. All of this is making space for a new reality of ease, grace, and enjoyment.

This is so not about stay-at-home orders, yet at the same time, consciousness has orchestrated this pandemic perfectly so that you have more time to retreat, to rest, to experience this shift without disturbance. Staying at home is allowing those who might not otherwise take time to stop, to stop.

We are moving into a new dimension of reality. Remember this is necessary for you to step into being an intergalactic human, and welcoming ease, grace, and enjoyment once the body-mind is stabilized and integrated on the new “track.”

Ease, grace, enjoyment. One more time: Ease, grace, enjoyment.

This is not personal. It is not political.

It is not about being special, or being woke.

It is about evolution. 

Erin Reese, M.S.
is a contemporary spiritual teacher, author and guide. A modern mystic with over thirty years of experience, Erin Reese offers incisive, practical intuitive readings to her clients worldwide. She is a counselor, guide and mentor to those seeking an alternative to traditional psychotherapy or business coaching. Erin also offers non-dual meetings and retreats on embodied liberation and freedom from suffering. Visit for more information.








For those who want more technical info...

Times are Eastern

Dec 14

11:16 AM

New Moon Total SOLAR Eclipse

23 Sag 08'

Dec 15

11:21 AM

Venus enters Sagittarius

Ven 0 Sag 00'

Dec 15

5:17 PM

Chiron Direct

Chi 4 Ari 56'D

Dec 17

12:04 AM

Saturn enters Aquarius

Sat 0 Aqu 00'

Dec 18

12:25 PM

Juno enters Sagittarius

Jun 0 Sag 00'

Dec 19

8:07 AM

Jupiter enters Aquarius

Jup 0 Aqu 00'

Dec 20

6:07 PM

Mercury enters Capricorn

Mer 0 Cap 00'

Dec 21

5:02 AM

Sun enters Capricorn

Sun 0 Cap 00'

Dec 21

1:20 PM

Jupiter conjunct Saturn

Jup 0 Aqu 29'
Sat 0 Aqu 29'


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