Thursday, September 7, 2017

September Horoscope, Full Moon Waves, Ease and Grace

Welcome to the Full Moon in Pisces. I’ve been away on a beach holiday, floating in oceans of bliss so deep that I haven’t been able to surface long enough for a forecast. I bet some of you are feeling that way too – dreamy, spacey, a bit ungrounded. Or perhaps creative, mystical, filled with the Fullness of Existence and divine union. 

This has been a welcome cool-down lunation after the fiery Labor Day weekend heat waves in much of the nation. We get to calm down, get back into a flow state. Even if we’re back to school, back at work after summer holidays, we can enter September trusting the states of ease and grace. Think yin energy, yielding. Femininity, attraction, magnetism and receptivity. 

Go at your own pace, and respect the pacing of others, of the earth, the winds, the tides and waves. Magic is afoot, everywhere if we allow ourselves to see it, to believe in it. I’m not much for New Age aphorisms, but I do love the Wayne Dyer quote, “You’ll see it when you believe it.” 

Being a practical mystic, I know that there is just as much, and usually more, validity to what the intuitive mind apprehends as to what the rational mind comprehends. So, at this time of Pisces flow, with the Full Moon conjunct Neptune-Poseidon, King of the Seas and planetary ruler of the Fishes, allow yourself to surrender totally. Let go of the rope, and float. Experience how the currents take you exactly where you feel most perfectly yourself, most relaxed, most enamored with your life. Enjoy.

As a special treat at this Full Moon, I’ve dipped back into the channeling mode, sign-by-sign, to present to you this September Horoscope treat!  Be sure to read your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs for best results. And if you want a personal consultation, be sure to email me directly.


Aries: Find your Goddess within or without, and treat her right. Do you have a special woman in your life that you want to worship as an embodiment of the Divine Feminine? Maybe it’s YOU, your own self! The calling is to celebrate all that represents the Goddess Venus-Aphrodite – including Mother Nature, sensuality, beauty, pleasure, healing, arts, and Woman Herself. Treat the inner and outer female as you would a cherished high queen. She will reward you no end.

Taurus: Open yourself to other dimensions, other frequencies. Remember, in the world of the astral plane, one plus one does not always equal two. Cause and effect are all relative. Allow the Multi-verse to provide you with all that you need-want-desire from a state of grace, ease and flow. Abundance is everywhere. Tap into the frequency and receive your goods. You love security and stability, and it can be found now, so long as you do not limit yourself to how it comes.

Gemini: You have such a powerful voice. It might come through the written or spoken word, or through self-expression in the body with movement, or some other art form. With all of the creative energy floating around at this time, you are being called to use this gift to support the evolving collective consciousness. Don’t hold back, be shy, or wait. Now is the time to tell us your side of the story. Or, since you’re a Twin, you may wish to share more than one side of the story, teaching us through “both/and” paradoxical truths. Tell us!

Cancer: Are you ready to have fun, fun, fun in the final days of the summer sun, sun, sun? Cancer, with your warm, open heart, you really know how to enjoy yourself when you feel safe and comfortable enough to let your hair down. You are always so considerate of others; now is the time to let the Cosmos be kind and considerate of you! Receive, play, and laugh to your heart’s content. Don’t miss out on whatever floats your boat while the days are still warm – BBQ, dinner party, pool party, day at the beach, walk in field of sunflowers. Shine your heart light.

Leo: You have a lot to teach us about life, Leo. You have mastered the skills of generosity and enjoyment. The way you creatively uplift the people in your life is a wonder to behold. Have you noticed how, when you’re at your best, you know how to make the world smile? For some Lions, it’s kids. For others, it’s their one-and-only significant other or spouse. And some Leos are born to be on the stage and show us how big one can really be. Your job now is to get back into the best roll you know how to play. Do whatever you need to do to get back into your Best Self. Drop whatever negative thinking may have crept in lately, and teach us how to feel good again, by doing it for yourself first!

Virgo: You’re a mutable earth sign, which means that you know how to flow and be flexible, but you also need to be rooted in practicalities, and things need to make sense. Otherwise, it just won’t work for you. This is the high time of your season, Virgo, and you are in the process of building something small but significant in the long-term. This is not to be done in isolation; work with chosen individuals whom you trust, and the job will move much faster and be filled with fun at the same time. Whistle while you work, Virgo!

Libra: How attuned are you to Mermaid energy? Remember that you are ruled by Venus, Libra, and you thrive when you love and are loved by others. The call of the Mermaid reminds you to drink in each emotion, without labeling it as positive or negative, and let it touch you deeply. Let it flow through you so you can experience the bliss and learn from it, without reacting and making it wrong or right. Feel the beauty of quiet reflection under the Moon, and let Her rays heal you with their feminine sensuousness.

Scorpio: Dance. Feel the currents of the Life Force pulsing through your being. You may move regularly already, but how much are you really allowing the flow to cleanse and clear your energy centers? Dancing can be done in a chair, under the Moon in a field, in a club, or a yoga studio. Convert your living room or a postage-sized spot in your bedroom. You can dance anywhere. Charge up the Spotify, Pandora, or iTunes collection and shake what your mama gave ya.

Sagittarius: This is an ultra-expansive time in the Cosmos, and you know you love yourself some expansion. Your life is a massive adventure, whether you’re running a business, vagabonding across the globe, praying in a temple, or making love to your sweetheart. You’ve got the power right now, you know you’re Divinely fueled, and you have all the support of your allies, seen and unseen, to transcend previous limits of time and space. Now is the time to say YES to your bigger vision. Make it happen, or rather, let it happen!

Capricorn: Be assertive and aggressive about eliminating all limiting thought forms, beliefs, concepts that are holding you back from thriving, Cappy. If you’re struggling physically, financially, mentally – these are good signs that you need an egoic cleansing. Remember, we don’t see the world as it is. We see the world as we are. If you want to have a good time while you’re on the planet, then drop the old stale stories that hold you back. Body healing modalities can help you clear how these old belief systems. You may wish to try acupuncture, cranio-sacral, or kundalini yoga practices.

Aquarius: Bliss of union. How long has it been since you’ve been intimate with another, whether a lover or a therapist, or a cherished friend or confidante? You need the experience right now of relatedness. You are in a period of learning how to flow and float in tandem with another person. Be vulnerable, open your heart, speak your truth (remember “I” statements?), and watch the magic unfold. You’re here to learn about being human, Water Bearer. So sidle up to your favorite human(s) and learn!

Pisces: Well, well, well… you are thriving. I am so happy to see this in your field, dear Pisces. You need this rest period so much. You can tend to take on so very much of the collective unconscious that you can’t breathe and rest and enjoy all of your creative, mystical nature. Things are changing now. You have pearls of wisdom and magic beaming your way – opportunities to swim in celestial seas abound. Now, one of those options becomes crystal clear and you just *know* that’s the one for you. Get ready to receive, my darling Fish, O regal ruler of the Cosmic Consciousness.

Erin Reese, Master of Science in Counseling is an author, spiritual teacher, and modern psychic reader based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She works with clients all over the world. For readings and spiritual counseling by Skype, phone or email, contact her directly at

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