Wednesday, September 20, 2017

New Moon in Virgo: Self-Healing and Horoscopes

Today we celebrate the New Moon in Virgo, mutable earth sign of the Virgin. In many ancient Greek usages, the word virgin meant a woman who is *whole* unto herself. She is complete and knows exactly what she needs in order to self-heal. Now is a time to recommit to that which reconnects to our selves, at our healthiest and best. Whether you identify as male or female, you have within you a Virgin Goddess, a form of the Divine Feminine that is an expert at self-care and renewal. At this New Moon, we see how to best replenish our reserves. 

This is a transition lunation: we are about to step into fall, with the autumnal equinox this Friday. We will need our strength. We need our hearths and hearts well-tended, blazing fully, in order to prepare for the winter ahead. If we heed the call of our sensitive bodies, minds, spirits we will be in much better shape to enjoy the Season of Change. Prepare for the colors to burst. Be in good health and enjoy.

Saraswati Goddess

New Moon in Virgo: Self-Healing Horoscopes

In keeping with my theme of channeling astro-intuitive ‘scopes of late, here are some cosmic tips sign-by-sign to help you navigate the New Moon energies. Be sure to read your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs for best results! And, please forward and share with friends!

Aries: You are being guided right now. Your angels and allies, protector spirits and positive energy forces are moving you into the perfect position of your life. A new chapter is unfolding, calling you into greater heights. A new definition of ‘family’ may be a part of this, whether that be your work family, your housemates or pets, your actual biological family, or your global family. Let yourself be called into a new life. You couldn’t stop it if you tried.

Taurus: Your self-care and self-renewal tip is to ALLOW yourself to receive the praise, acclaim, and recognition that you have earned, and that you deserve. Toot your own horn, allow others to give you their cheerleading all the way. For you, self-care doesn’t happen in a vacuum right now – it takes a village – and part of that means letting your community uplift you and remind you how totally awesome you are.

Gemini: Focus. Back to work. You don’t need to burn the candle at both ends, no. But you do need to apply yourself just a little bit every day. Refine your craft and practice doing more of that which you’ve already been doing. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel right now. You can do the same types of work but with variations on the theme. The best part is that you’ll be earning stable income, whistling while you work. That’s good self-care.

Cancer: Time to plan a getaway. You’ve done enough work on your major projects, and it’s time to take your leave. It appears there is a batch of commitments of time or energy that you’ve grown out of. It’s time now to walk away… greener pastures await. Perhaps you don’t have any idea what you will do with that open space on your schedule, but your Higher Self knows and is reserving it for you. Let go and move on.

Leo: You’ve outgrown a group of people or a part of your community that once held a significant place in your heart, but no longer. Perhaps you feel odd about leaving this scene behind, or feel nostalgic about days gone by. That’s normal. You might look back from time to time and wonder why it’s all changed, or if they still love you and remember you. It’s an evolutionary leap in your life to trust that you need to leave these folks and situations in order to step into the next chapter of your amazing life. 

Virgo: Reserve your energy, save your resources. That might entail staying home, staying in more than running around being busy. Trust that while it may feel a bit boring at the moment, this will ensure that you have a lot more energy available for the things that are truly important when the time is just perfect. You may also be practicing self-care by saving money. Also, don’t overspend. Be frugal right now and you’ll have all the abundance you need when it’s time to lay out the cash.

Libra: As we get ready to shift into your own birthday season, dear Libra, you get to reconnect to all of the things that your heart truly desires. Create a life that you love. Mock it up. Make a list, make a vision board collage, do some journaling and get super clear on all of the goodness you want to bring in. The universe wants to give you all you desire MOST right now. Be sure to cut out all “shoulds” and “ought tos.” Stick with what your HEART wants. That's magnetic self-care.

Scorpio: Each of us has an archetypal Inner Father inside, often showing up as a rational, logical and practical voice of protection and guidance. Your job is to ask yourself if that Inner Father voice is overly critical or rejecting, or have you cultivated an Inner Father that is kind, benevolent and supportive? You deserve to feel cared for and nourished by a masculine force within and without - just as you have a feminine, mothering side. Cultivate a relationship with a loving Inner Father figure.

Sagittarius: Breakdown to breakthrough: this is sometimes necessary. It looks like your self-care act is going to be rather dramatic, Sag. You need to bust out of a habit or a cultural norm or restricting situation in order to experience true liberation and freedom. The energy that is freed from your breakthrough is going to bring so much light and freshness to your life, dear Archer. It’s worth the temporary disruption you have to go through. Courage? You have it in spades.

Capricorn: Spa treatments are necessary. Try to get to a foot-rub place, or get a massage, soak in a jacuzzi. If you can’t spare the time or resources to go to a professional place, you can create an at-home spa experience. Fill up your tub with Epsom salts. Or add apple cider vinegar, or drops of your favorite essential oils. You can also give yourself an at-home facial or a nice sesame-oil rubdown massage. Whatever you decide to do to honor that beautiful body of yours, do it soon and more often. You need some body-loving.

Aquarius: Community, community, community. You cannot neglect your people. They need you, and vice versa. You have a symbiotic relationship with your friends, business associates, neighbors, and your world family. This is part of being an Aquarius. Even if you’re an introverted Water Bearer, there is a way that your antennae need to reach out and touch others, and be stimulated by them. It is also a way for you to take care of yourself by avoiding isolation. You’re building a solid future by sharing community spirit.

Pisces: You’ve been contemplating a step into your next life chapter for a good month, and now you have to take the next step. Yes, it can be a baby step; it doesn’t have to be a huge move, but it must be significant and directed toward the future you are envisioning. Imagine where you want to be and how you will be feeling once you get there. It’s time to move forward, Pisces. Swim upstream. Just a bit! Keep swimming.

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