Friday, September 20, 2019

Introducing Bay Area Shamanic Training

Hello dear friends!
On special occasions, a colleague creates a body of work that is so important, so timely, that I feel a true calling to share it with you. My friend, Dr. Preston Vargas, is offering an upcoming 16-month training, "The Path of the Shamanic Witch," in the Greater Bay Area. The course will be in-person, one Saturday per month, and is open to all sincere hearts, genders, levels, abilities.

I have known Dr. Vargas ("Coyote") for over five years, and have personally witnessed his integrity, talent, and dedication to the healing craft. The course has been incredibly affordable and scholarships are possible. For those of you who are in Northern California, and feel called to have an experiential mentorship, to learn shamanic healing arts in a group context, I invite you to contact Dr. Vargas directly by visiting his website here.

With love and peace,

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The Path of the Shaman Witch
Vallejo, CA
Begins November 2019

Welcome to the Path of the Shamanic Witch. We learn to transform ourselves. We join in healing each other. We re-enchant the world. This is at the heart of the Shamanic Witch training.  
Stepping out of being small, reclaiming our long-forgotten powers, and shining as spirit-workers. The Path of the Shamanic Witch is about unshackling us from fear, dis-ease, and oppression. We create joy and wellness as we alchemically transform our pain and stories using spiritual technologies. We fall deeper in Love with living Life as we weave energy medicine with spirit allies. We live in joy as we learn to manifest miraculous futures from the dreamworlds. We journey through this training with a circle of people and spirits who can support and Love us.
And much, much more...

For info & enrollment visit

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Facilitated by 
Preston “Coyote” Vargas, Ph.D. CADC-CAS
Baba Ifalokun Efuntade Fatunmise

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