Saturday, September 28, 2019

Sustainable Success - Can you have both?


Libra season is all about HEART. This time offers us new beginnings in relationships, fresh starts in contracts and negotiations, and a renewed sense of SELF-CARE involving self-LOVE, self-appreciation, and more.


I will be interviewed live in an upcoming virtual SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS SUMMIT featuring 20 powerful women guides and teachers – all about making Self-Care the focus. It launches October 7th, so sign up today!

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Sustainable success offers you balance and a roadmap to soften the body, mind, and heart connection. We curated this series for the ambitious women looking to access peace of mind wherever they’re at in their journey. We believe in prioritizing pleasure, patience and rejuvenation as foundational behaviors to success.

Through potent 1:1 interviews with women who are doing things differently, you'll be invited to explore what's possible for your work and your life, how to embrace self-care (without losing your ambition), and embody new ways of working that creates sustainable success.

It’s time to make space for your own creative endeavors! 

For the first time, from seeing so many women raise their voice and face their fears you know you can do it too. You’re ready to celebrate your independence and need just one more nudge to take the leap. You’re not alone.

Some of the leaders, like myself, will be speaking from a spiritual perspective; others from a sustainable business perspective, and many will be speaking from a healing perspective.

“Seeing through the illusion of separation,
living entirely in the Now,
one finds unshakeable peace
and ultimate Self-care.” 
~ Erin Reese

I would very much appreciate you sharing this free virtual summit with your friends by reposting this link on your social media:

With love, Self-Care, and abiding peace,

Here are a few topics you can expect to learn about:
  • Your natural rhythms and cycles, sovereignty and how to set yourself up for success and rejuvenation
  • Self-awareness, boundaries and bolder actions of self-love
  • The most common forms of self neglect and how to avoid them
  • Secrets of the wounded warrior to honor and awaken untapped pleasure in your life

It’s time to make space for your own creative endeavors.

Explore what’s possible for your life! Come join the conversation!
RSVP is now open, we launch October 7, 2019!

Erin Reese, M.S. is a transpersonal spiritual teacher, author, and modern psychic based in the SF Bay Area. Erin is deeply rooted in the Divine Feminine and a channel of Kundalini energy. She spent many years studying yoga and non-dual philosophies in India, receiving transmission from sacred sites and spiritual masters. Erin works with clients all over the world.

RSVP: Free Sustainable Success Summit - by women, for women (Men, you are welcome, too!) launches October 7th.
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